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Hair Styling | Hairstyle Trends 2018

Naturally nude: create the (un)styled look with these tips

You are laid-back, uncomplicated, and love it all natural? You prefer to wear your hair open and understated? Then the undone look is the perfect look for you. We show you how you can turn heads with less is more looks such as a messy bun or messy braids.

Less is more. That is also the motto of the current nude trend. The rule: natural makeup, easy fix hairstyles, and understated outfits. That is how you let your natural beauty shine through. Let your healthy and strong hair casually fall over your shoulders. Or you can simply wear it in a messy bun. The only thing that matters is that it looks perfectly imperfect. Find out how to style the natural nude look below.

Naturally styled with a fishbone hair braid and messy bun

Quick, easy, and likable: this is how one could describe the hairstyle that you wear when sporting the nude look.


The messy bun and messy braids, such as fishbone hair braids, are the go-to hairstyles for this look.


Your hair ends need some additional attention too. Using a hair end serum regularly will go a long way since healthy hair ends are the real highlight of the nude look.

Naturally feminine with romantic waves

Even though the nude look is more natural, your hair should still look well-groomed. That way you become a natural beauty and accentuate the prettiness of your hair. Ensure to give your hair the necessary care. Keeping it moisturized so it stays healthy, strong, and shines beautifully is important.

Naturally beautiful with understated makeup

With the nude look, it is important to emphasize your best features.


Make your eyes sparkle with a little bit of mascara and eyeshadow in nude or pastel hues. Gently accentuate your lips with a nude or pale pink lip gloss.


And keep the accessories to a minimum. A delicate necklace or a feminine bracelet will do the trick. Remember: looking natural is the key.