Hair Styling | Hairstyle Trends 2018

Be authentic, be relatable: These influencers show us how it’s done

Inspirational, motivational: These Schwarzkopf influencers sport the hottest hairstyles, test out stylish new looks – and prove that it’s worth making the most of what you’ve got. They represent a new type of self-confidence. Meet six of the 50 selected #SCHWARZKOPFcreators

Beauty has nothing to do with whether you are super slim, or have sexy curves – nor whether you are blessed with spiral curls, straight hair or wavy locks. It has much more to do with a self-assured charisma, a sense of: “Hey, this is the real me” – and an acknowledgement that that’s what makes you beautiful. The fashion and beauty world has finally tuned in to this message. Body positivity is more than just a trend, it is a movement: A movement we would like to push forward and decisively shape. Schwarzkopf is collaborating with 50 influencers from 27 different countries. All these individuals are leading by example, encouraging others to be themselves, and simultaneously proving how much fun it can be to experiment. #SCHWARZKOPFcreators share hair tips, try out new looks and provide style inspiration. Get to know our creators Anna Maria Damm, Diana Korkunova, Gabi Fresh, Gamze Biran, Adam Gallagher and Niomi Smart a little better…

Anna Maria Damm: Vlogger and model:


Anna Maria Damm finished fifth in season eight of Germany’s Next Top Model in 2013. Impressive! But the 21-year-old probably wasn’t expecting her success to get so incredibly big following the show: @annamariadamm now has a million Instagram followers, and her YouTube vlogs get hundreds of thousands of views. Anna Maria is always immaculately styled yet relatable, almost always has a smile on her face, is relaxed and doesn’t appear to take herself too seriously. Her hair is as varied as her many stylish looks. Sometimes she wears her mid-length hair straight and loose, sometimes wavy, tied up in a top knot or in a herringbone braid. Her tip to make the latter last all day long: Hair mousse. How much fun Anna Maria has in everything she does is clear to see in her YouTube vlogs. In her videos, she shares her styling adventures: For example, why she once dyed her hair blond, or how she achieves her daily looks. She often does her makeup or hair step-by-step, in front of the camera.

Anna’s motto: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Diana Korkunova: Insta-star, designer and model:


What first strikes you when you visit Diana Korkunova's Instagram? The Russian model’s beautiful face and long, shiny, brunette locks. @diana_korkunova shares a personal tip for a natural, wavy look: Wash your hair in the evening, let it air dry and finish the next morning with shine spray – done!
The 20-year-old is already well known in the social media cosmos, with Instagram and the like part of her everyday life since 2010. On Instagram, she posts snapshots from her travels and presents her stylish outfits to her followers. In one interview, Diana mentioned that her style always reflects her mood – and that’s why she looks different every day. This is evident in her ever-variable style: It’s sometimes fun, sometimes relaxed, sometimes classy – but always stylish.

Diana’s motto: Personality is more important than trends.

Gabi Fresh: Blogger, designer and entrepreneur:


Gabi Fresh (real name: Gabi Gregg) started blogging in 2008 after completing her college degree. Gabi wanted to create a platform to encourage women of all sizes and cultures to take fashion risks. A huge success, the blog has been a catalyst to an international movement promoting body positivity and unapologetic confidence. This stylish American girl has more than half a million followers on Instagram, consults for top global brands and launched successful swimwear and lingerie lines. @gabifresh always carries herself with confidence, with her outfits showing that the sky is the (fashion) limit: If she likes it, she’ll wear it. Her styling approach couldn’t be any fresher if she tried. And what is the crowning glory of Gabi’s style? Her incredible natural curls – usually styled loose and wild. She’s currently wearing her naturally black hair blond – thanks to Schwarzkopf – and is loving the result. Her tip for extra care: Spread a light hair oil in your hands and scrunch through curls after blow drying. Recently, Gabi co-founded her own fashion label, designing and selling fashion-forward threads for curvy women.

Gabi’s motto: Be courageous, make a statement, have fun – anything is possible!

Gamze Biran: Blogger and stylist:


If you have a passion, then you should do everything possible to enable yourself to live it. Gamze Biran also launched a fashion blog in 2008 to share her style, trend tips and DIY projects. The 29-year-old studied at Istanbul Technical University, but following the huge success of her blog, she has invested all her time and energy into blogging and her career as a stylist. On Instagram, @gamzebiran gives insights into her everyday life. Her photos reflect her sense of aesthetics and style. The outfits that Gamze wears are a mixture of classic and trendy, and she often adorns her long brunette hair with hats, or – very on trend – headbands. Her hairstyling must-have: hair spray. This keeps her style all day long, and in the evening after a long day of photoshoots, meetings and events she still looks as freshly coiffed as she did first thing in the morning.

Gamze’s motto: Follow your passion.

Adam Gallagher: Blogger and style icon:


Adam Gallagher is one of the best-known male style bloggers – his blog “I AM GALLA” is an integral feature in the blogosphere. The 26-year-old is what you could call a “modern gentleman”. As a native Californian, his style is simultaneously relaxed and timelessly elegant. Adam also takes much of his style inspiration from his adopted hometown of New York. At the beginning of his blogging career seven years ago, @iamgalla never could have dreamed that he would eventually have a following of over two million fans on Instagram. Adam's pictures look very professional, and his signature filter use and editing give his account a clear style. He often posts travel snaps, his favorite destinations being England, Greece, Japan and Indonesia, as he revealed in one interview. His style: Adam often sports fashionable basics and clear lines. His hairstyle: A classic Capri. Its advantage? He doesn’t need much in the way of time or products to get it looking good (a comb and hair wax are enough for styling) – perfect for all those guys like Adam who are always on the go.

Adam’s motto: Stay curious – inspiration is everywhere.

Niomi Smart: Vlogger and foodie


With wellness, mindfulness and a balanced lifestyle at the forefront of everything she does, Niomi Smart is a lifestyle blogger who inspires a global audience to look, live and feel better. The 25-year-old from England is amiable, approachable and super-authentic on all her social media channels. It’s a very appealing mixture that her fans love – and there are a lot of them! On YouTube Niomi has over 1.7 million subscribers, and on Instagram @niomismart has over 1.8 million followers. Niomi's posts are mainly about fashion and healthy food. In fact, she’s already written a book on the latter: “Eat Smart: What to Eat in a Day – Every Day.” In this book, Niomi shows how simple it is to live healthily, every day. Her style is both classic and feminine, often adding a modern twist, such as a standout piece featuring a fancy print or in an unusual material. Her long, dark blonde mane is usually worn loose with a side parting, styled naturally with light waves.

Niomi’s motto: Live Smart.