Brunette with side parting
Hair Styling | Hairstyle Trends 2018

Pretty partings: this is how you find the perfect look for your hair

Deep partings, center partings, or side partings are classic go-tos. They are a sure way how you can always create a new look and reinvent yourself. Which hair parting works best with your hair type? With us, you can find your perfect parting.

A new look every day? It is super easy with different hair parting variations. You can choose between a side parting, zig-zag parting, or deep parting. This way you can create a new look that matches your current mood every day anew. Especially the side parting is again on trend this year and has been spotted on catwalks around the world as well as on celebrities. Let yourself be inspired by our hair parting favorites and find the perfect look for yourself.

Achieve the city look with a classic center parting

Center partings for a laid-back boho look

The understated style: your long hair is falling over your shoulders and your center parting looks natural.


This hairstyle is the perfect understatement and is the go-to style for fashionistas who love the boho and nude look. You can fix the parting with a light hairspray so that your hair falls smoothly and loosely.


Good to know: the center parting is especially good for round face types. This look makes them appear slimmer.

Big hair with a deep side parting

Volume, please. Create a flowing mane with a deep side parting. You can give your hair even more strength by applying styling mousse.


The look will appear really casual in the undone look and super cool with a short pixie cut.


Do you have sharp facial features or a rather square face type? Then this hair parting is your go-to. Your hair falls gently over one side of your face and conceals its form that way. The same works for oval and long face types.

Not strict at all: the undone zig-zag hair parting

The zig-zag hair parting was a trend in the 90ies. With a classic zig-zag parting, this look can look a bit old-fashioned. But you can give it your own personal touch with a little bit of volume near the roots and by pulling out some messy streaks you can wear it in in an undone kind of way. This is how this look celebrates its 90ies revival. Ensure that your roots are voluminous and that this style looks delightfully undone. A light hairspray can help to keep things in shape. Then you can go big!