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Calligraphy Cut: The Perfect Haircut for Fine Hair

Bye-bye scissors, hello calligraphy knife. A new tool is revolutionizing haircutting and getting the best out of flat, fine hair. The calligraphy cut delivers voluminous, healthy hair in no time

What is the “calligraphy cut?”

Woman with calligraphy cut in denim jacket and earrings

The calligraphy cut adds volume to fine hair

Ladies: If you have fine hair, listen up. There’s a new solution to your hair problems! The calligraphy cut: It’s not just a beautiful ornate writing style, but also a new, special haircutting technique in which the hairdresser slices your hair with a knife, instead of cutting it with scissors. Using this knife, known as a calligraph, the hair is cut at a 21-degree angle. A cut at this angle is much less injurious to hair, leaving it more beautiful, voluminous and stronger.

The calligraph knife leaves a much larger cut surface, meaning hair can more readily absorb products. Think about cutting the stems of fresh flowers: It’s the same principle. They’re always cut at a slight angle, which ensures they stay fresh longer. In a calligraphy cut, cut surface is very smooth, which means that split ends have almost no chance. Essentially, the calligraphy cut seals the hair and protects it.

Where does the calligraphy cut originate?

The calligraph knife was invented by German hairdresser Frank Brormann. He developed the tool and presented his idea on the German equivalent of the entrepreneur- and invention-based reality TV reality show “Shark Tank.” And he won! Since then, the technique has revolutionized hairdressing. Calligraphy cuts are increasingly appearing on hair salon menus worldwide.

Is a calligraphy cut more expensive than a regular haircut?

Yes. You’re looking at around US$15-20 more on average than you’d pay for a conventional cut. It also take a little longer, as the hair is divided into sections that are much finer during cutting, to achieve a perfect result. But here’s some good news: For women and those with longer hair, the calligraphy cut should last about twice as long as your usual style cut. Men will enjoy their calligraphy cut for about two weeks longer than their usual haircut.

Who is this cutting style designed for?

Two stylish women with the calligraphy cut

The calligraphy cut lasts about twice as long as a normal haircut

It’s ideal for both women and men with thin, feathery and weak hair. They’ll benefit from the volume the calligraphy cut adds. It’s also recommended for people with split-end prone hair. Even those with normal healthy hair will benefit from trying out the cutting technique.

These hairstyles work well as calligraphy cuts

The calligraphy cut works from a length of about 1-1.5 inches, so it’s suitable for all lengths. These hairstyles work best with the technique:


  • Bob
    A bob is defined by its fullness and volume. Thin hair won’t do a bob justice as it won’t fall perfectly – until now! The calligraphy cut can create all kinds of perfect bob styles.

  • Big waves and bangs à la Brigitte Bardot
    Conjure up an image of this French dream woman, and chances are her beautiful, thick curls and playful bangs come to mind first. This is a big volume style. The calligraphy technique can achieve it.
  • The sleek look
    Volume is not just a must for curly styles. The calligraphy cut also works wonders for the sleek look, which requires very smooth hair. Hair that’s extra-strong and free of split ends will appear smooth, shiny, elegant and sexy.