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Power Hairstyles

Are you curious about the hairstyles of the most successful, powerful or influential women? We show how women in the public eye wear their hair. Our models encompass the spouses of politicians and heads of state as well as a CEO and a comedian and talk show host

Power women have one attribute in common: They know how to present themselves to their best advantage while at the same time expressing who they are and what they stand for. The entire presentation includes the hairstyle. Some power women have discovered their best look and of course, they know better than fixing something that works so well for them. Over the years, their hairstyles became part of their personality and expression. These signature hairstyles are almost part of their private and public personas. Fashion tsarina Anna Wintour for example is known for wearing her signature bob for many years.

Power Hairstyles – What Does the Hairstyle Convey?

Please have a closer look at the above photos of power women (left to right):

Anna Wintour:

Anna Wintour is editor-in-chief of the US magazine Vogue and certainly an important and powerful leader in the fashion industry. Over many years, her smooth chin-long bob with the straight fringes to her eyebrows has become part of her signature style. She blow-dries her accurately cut hair to a smooth shine. The ends of her hair are brushed inward.   
Her hairstyle expresses perfection and discipline.  
The austerity of her hairstyle can be softened by a smile but also deepened by an expression of cool distance.

Ellen DeGeneres:

The 54-year old Ellen DeGeneres is a woman of many talents. She made a name for herself as comedian, talk show host, author and also as actress. Her life partner is Portia de Rossi who you probably know from ‘Ally McBeal’.
Her platinum blonde boy cut is razor short on the sides. The top hair is just a trace longer.
Her look and her style are one: lively, bold and just a little on the naughty side.             
Ellen DeGeneres wears the hairstyle which fits her fresh appealing approach to life and her job.

Michelle Obama:

Mrs Obama is now 48 years old. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and has taken charge of her role as the US First Lady.
Michelle Obama wears her hair in a bob with soft inward curling waves. Some ends of her full hair naturally turn outward. She sometimes wears side-swept fringes. Her style puts her on top of her game, yet she still appears soft and feminine.
We find her hairstyle very suitable for a tough and natural woman like Michelle Obama.

Ann Romney:

Ann Romney is the spouse of the current Republican US presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The couple has five children and 18 grandchildren. The 63-year old Ann Romney is dedicated to her charitable work. She is a breast cancer survivor and lives with multiple sclerosis.  
Ann Romney colours her medium length wavy hair light blonde. The hair over her forehead is swept to the side in a large wave.
We like the natural bounce in her hair, which enhances her confident, natural look.  
The hairstyle certainly adds to Ann Romney’s attraction not only on the political stage.

Enjoy our gallery where you find more photos of power women and their hairstyles.

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