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Grey Hair: Embracing Silver

It is no longer a catastrophe when the hair slowly loses its youthful colour and starts turning grey. Men always had the right idea in these matters and women loved their grey hair. Meanwhile, women have embraced their silvery waves as well. A look in our celebrity gallery clearly shows how beautiful grey hair can be. It just takes the right hair style and the right care

Grey hair used to be nothing but the unwelcome sign of aging. This is no longer so. Women everywhere have started to embrace their grey hair. After all, where would Judy Dench be without her grey hair? From James Bond movies she and her grey hair are well-known as lady 'M'. Eveline Hall (born 1945) may have made her way to the top as one of Germany's most popular models without showcasing her grey hair as a model for Michael Michalsky. Then again, she may not have made it to the Fashion Week elite without it. Talking about sex symbols! Men have long known how attractive those grey temples are to women. Without his greying hair, would George Clooney look quite as exciting and strong?

Grey Hair is Not for Plain Jane

Of course, celebrities do not carry the new naturally grey trend by themselves! These best agers ride the wave together with many women and men who also wear their silver-streaked hair with pride rather than hiding it.

Naturally, you don't want to look older than you are. When your hair turns grey you should pay attention to your hair style and some other details:

Be sure to keep up your haircut. Otherwise, grey hair tends to look neglected maybe even a little untidy. If you want your hair to look grey and stylish then there really is no way around trimming it regularly every four or six weeks. Whether you wear a sassy or extravagant haircut or a timeless classical hair style is a matter of your taste. As a general rule, stepped haircuts tend to look dynamic and smart while the blunter haircuts add an elegant note to your appearance. Since there is less hair with increasing age, most grey-haired people opt for a modern short hair style.

Enjoy our images of the most beautiful grey-haired stars and celebrities in our photo gallery below and see what kind of hair styles look particularly pleasing in combination with grey hair.

Grey Hair: Stars who Love Their Silver Hair

How to Care for Grey Hair

  • Grey hair requires extra care because it has a tendency to be dry and brittle. As a result, grey hair may look stressed and dull. Round about the 40th birthday, you may therefore decide to switch to special anti-aging shampoos and hair treatments. These hair care products coat grey hair with a very thin layer of polymers, ceramides and proteins for protection and extra lustre. Leave-in sprays enhance the beauty of your grey hair further. After shampooing, simply spray the treatment into your hair, comb it through your hair and then style your hair the way you usually do. Enjoy the effect of this treatment: Your grey hair is going to look and feel healthier
  • Unfortunately, hair loss is quite common later in life. If your hair is thinning you should also use special stimulating lotion for your scalp. One of these stimulating ingredients is caffeine, which helps to prevent hair loss by stimulating the grey hair roots
  • Balanced nutrition also has a positive effect on hair and hair growth. This applies particularly to biotin (also known as vitamin H), zinc, iron, the vitamins A, B2, B6 and folic acid


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