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Are women ever too old for long hair?

As a woman ages, many things continue to develop, like her taste in clothes or her hobbies. So should her hair style change, too? Most gray-haired ladies tend to go for a short cut – long hair’s quite unusual. So are women ever too old for long hair?

As soon as women reach a certain age, usually in their mid-fifties, many feel they should cut their hair off. A woman with long gray hair is a rarity. Look around when you’re next on a busy street: most mature women have short hair, right? So does there really come a point in a woman’s life when she’s “too old for long hair”?

How hair changes with age

With the aging process, hair becomes finer and thinner because the body starts to produce less keratin. During the menopause, levels of estrogen, the female sex hormone, rapidly decline, accelerating the aging process for the hair and making it appear to have less volume. Tip: Strengthen your hair with products containing keratin. Also apply a hair treatment once or twice a week, use styling products that give the hair extra shine, and mousse or volume sprays for added body. To increase fullness, use a round brush when you blow dry your hair.


As well as the texture of the hair, the scalp also changes over the years. As the skin becomes harder and blood circulation decreases, the roots receive fewer nutrients. Hair growth slows down; the hair loses its shine and may become wiry. Tip: Stimulate your tired scalp by massaging it regularly. Zinc and iron can also help to strengthen the scalp and the hair. Before taking any supplements, discuss it with your doctor.

How long hair looks best on the older woman

With the reduction in the color pigment melanin, the hair gradually turns gray. How long it takes until you have a gleaming head of gray hair depends entirely on the individual. Usually, the hair doesn’t go gray evenly all over the head at once, so in order to make the transition period more attractive, streaks in ash tones can be added to your natural color until the natural gray dominates.

If you’re not ready to go gray yet and would rather color your hair, be prepared to get this done regularly: gray roots quickly look unkempt. You’ll find a Schwarzkopf Professional hairdresser to advise you on perfect coloring for gray hair with the help of our Salon Finder.


Our conclusion: just because a woman has reached a certain age doesn’t mean that she has to have her hair cut. Hair length depends on your personality, at any age. An elegant short haircut can, of course, look absolutely fabulous. But if it’s well cared for, long hair on an older woman can be just as beautiful, as long as it looks authentic and suits her. In the words of the king of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld: “Bad style choices happen because many people wear what they think they should be wearing and not what they would like to be wearing.” Enough said.

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