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Hairdos That Make You Look Younger

We all want to look younger. Our anti-ageing tip: Try a different hairstyle! You can make yourself appear a few years younger with the right look. Scalpel, creams, anti-wrinkle treatments? No need. We show you hairdos and colours that truly are the fountain of youth

There really are many hairdos that make you look younger. More than you think. Most styles and cuts with an anti-ageing effect are old acquaintances. Popular classics like the short cut or bob have a rejuvenating effect. Then there are details like optimum arrangement of the fringe, layers or strands to make you look younger, for example by skilfully concealing wrinkles. Would you like to reach into this bag of hair tricks? A youthful appearance is guaranteed with our guide. In general, the following applies: Naturally falling hair, casually styled looks, loosely pinned up or in soft beach waves can affect your appearance and vibrancy – no matter how old or young you actually are. Let us start at the beginning ...

Styles With An Anti-Ageing Affect

Sweet, gentle and pert – those attributes make for a youthful hairdo. Try an impudent short cut for example, or one of the popular trendy cuts to instantly radiate self-confidence, individuality and power. Those characteristics are associated with youthfulness.

Looking Younger Naturally

Naturalness is another magic word when it comes to hairstyles that make you look young. A slanted XL fringe appears soft and charmingly downplays signs of ageing around the eyes or wrinkles on the forehead.

Soft waves are another good choice (for example beach waves) because they soften the facial features. Alternative youth looks include updos or a ponytail. Always make sure that they are loosely styled. Ideally a side fringe, individual strands or a hippie gringe (grown out fringe) fall into the face.

A long mane generally appears feminine, rejuvenates and softens wrinkles. Mid-length hair (long bob) and a shorter bob are recommended as well since they appear cheeky, fancy and modern. A layered cut that frames the face adds pep and great volume, while a braided hairdo promises girlish charm.

Youthful Colours:

You should stick to fresh and warm hues when selecting your hair colour. Copper for example enlivens the complexion, while brown (mocha for instance) and blond hues make you look radiant. An interplay of colours such as ombré, dip-dye or the two-tone style can make you look naturally younger as well. If you are not sure what colouration and cut suits you best, try the Schwarzkopf colour and hair advice apps. Test various looks and styles directly on a photo of yourself to find a convincing hair anti-ageing effect.

Our gallery presents awesome anti-ageing hairstyles for you to try – from soft waves to a loose updo.

Gallery: Hairdos That Make You Look Younger

The ponytail is a youthful hairstyle per se, modernised in the teased version. Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows you in his video how easily you can style this hairdo.

Video: How to Style the Teased Ponytail