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Hairstyles for Mature Women

Mature women are no longer relegated to short or matronly looking hairstyles. Women past 50 are claiming their natural right to make their own choices. They wear soft, sassy, and alluring hairstyles like Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone

As people age, hair often loses elasticity, is thinner, more sensitive and needs more care and moisture. Short hair needs less care and does not show the natural effects of advancing age quite as much. However, with the right care and styling, women can wear long hair into their late years and look good. Frizzy permanents in short grey hair are now the exception rather than the norm. How fast the times change! Today’s women over 50 style their hair like smart young women. They want to look their best. For some mature women, this could mean wearing their hair long, or at least not short.

Appealing Hairstyles for Mature Women

Sharon Stone (born 1958) wears her shoulder length blonde hair in a sassy and bouncy style. The soft hair colour is flattering because it ideally matches her complexion. The actress expresses her modern attitude by taking advantage of the current two-tone hair colour trend. Sharon Stone at 50+ wears the same two-tone hair with lighter ends as younger stars. The visibly darker roots give her appearance a casual flair.

Other Sharon Stone Hairstyles: Sometimes, the actress blow-dries her hair over a round brush to turn the ends of her hair under. She also likes to wear beach waves or a casually styled chignon either with middle or side partings.

Meryl Streep (born 1949) knows how to use styling tricks to give her appearance a young twist. Her messy styled medium-length hair is pulled back to a semi-updo. The bouncy style deepens the energetic look. The caramel hair colour flatters Meryl Streep’s light complexion.

Other Meryl Streep Hairstyles: The famous movie star prefers casual updos, ponytail styles and open hanging or casually brushed back hair (as shown for Sharon Stone).

Annabelle Gurwitch, the US American comedic actress (born 1961), wears a soft hairstyle like Sharon Stone and Meryl Streep. Her more than shoulder-length wavy hair is thick and looks vibrant. The nougat-brown hair has a beautiful deep glow. It does not get any better than this!

Other Annabelle Gurwitch Hairstyles: The actress also likes to wear updos and semi-updos with strands of hair falling from her forehead around her face.

What do these stars over 50 show us? Don’t be too timid to show some skin (décolleté and shoulders) and wear make-up. Then style your hair as young and sassy as you feel.