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Well-styled At Any Age: The Best Hairstyles for Women Over 60

How trendy are “women of a certain age” allowed to be with their hair? Can you wear your hair long over 50? We have the answers – and present stylish looks for women 60-plus

What we envy most in women in their 60s most of all: That life experience! It makes them shine with priceless self-confidence. It's no longer about taking on board every trend and experimenting wildly. Women of 60 don’t have anything to prove, they know who they are, and above all, what suits them. The phrase “aging with grace” says it all – the only style maxim women over 60 need adhere to is to be true to themselves. Carry yourself with self-assurance, and over 60, you can wear almost anything – including any hairstyle. We took a look around and put together the best hairstyles for women over the age of 60. Here, we reveal how to style them.

Hairstyle for over-60s: The pixie cut

The pixie is perfect for women with round faces. It’s a great short haircut that looks stylish and youthful. The sides, back of the head and neck are shorn short, while the upper hair stays longer. This keeps it very adaptable. Styling tip: After washing, work in some styling mousse and blow dry the hair over a round brush. For more volume, add some volume powder to your roots. Define individual strands with styling wax. Give your pixie a stylish update by blow drying the longer upper hair back into a quiff. Fix with a little hairspray.

Hairstyle for over-60s: The bob

Hair gets a little thinner and lighter with age, because the body's own production of keratin decreases. With a good haircut and the right style, this problem is not a problem at all. A bob is the perfect solution. This classic among 60-plus hairstyles is especially flexible – there’s a bob for everyone. You can wear it with or without bangs, and from chin to shoulder length. The latter is known as a “lob” – a long bob. Crucial: Layering. This will soften your face and give the hair more volume. Tip: Bangs can cleverly conceal your less-than-beloved forehead lines.

Hairstyle for over-60s: Gray hair

What luck: Gray hair is absolutely in style, even spotted on celebrities on the red carpet. So let your grays be, and combine with a modern cut that suits your face shape. Tip: With hair care and styling products containing keratin, you can strengthen mature hair. For an extra dose of shine, a spritz of hair spray and a regular shine mask can help.

Hairstyle for over-60s: The pageboy

The pageboy is a timeless and extremely stylish short haircut characterized by its graphic, accurate lines. It’s particularly cool with dead straight bangs, a la Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. The pageboy always looks modern. It’s definitely a look for powerful women over 60. It works especially well in classic gray, black or blonde. Brave? Try it in extravagant red.

Hairstyle for over-60s: Long hair

Yes, you can! For over 60s, there’s only one motto: Do what you like! This includes long hair – just as wearable at 60 and beyond as at 20, 30 or 40. Tip: Blow dry your hair! With mousse and a round brush you’ll achieve volume quickly and easily. Well blow-dried long gray hair worn undone exudes feminine charm. A voluminous perm created by your hairdresser can work wonders. This will give your hair volume that’ll last two to three months.

Hairstyle for over-60s: Braids

Those who love braids can add some extra oomph with clip-in extensions or a braided-hair headband. Pre-braided headbands are now available in many different shades, and can be unobtrusively integrated into your hairstyle. Since mature hair is often drier, it braids well. A little volume powder or dry shampoo applied to the roots will provide an extra boost. Discover some beautiful braiding inspiration here.

Which hair colors work over 60?

More conservative thinkers might only allow women of a certain age gray, brunette, blond and black hair colors. Maybe a natural shade of red. But there’s nothing standing in the way of you wearing bright pop colors with pride. Proof: See the street style stars of the fashion blog “Advanced Style.” Take inspiration from these great style models. Elegant long hair, chic short cuts and hair colors from carrot to ultraviolet all feature within.