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Schwarzkopf Trend Hairstyles 2019 – Big, Big Hair: Wow Volume

If you feel good AND look good, then your look is perfect. Hairstyles that distract from and disguise your personality? No thanks, we prefer authenticity! The Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2019 are unique – a perfect match for our #createyourstyle campaign. They were developed by stylist Armin Morbach for real people – like you! One of those styles is Wow Volume. Because who doesn’t dream of having full, voluminous hair?

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Elisabeth Wood loves volume, and model Anna Mila Guyenz rocks the look!

What makes every style look even better? Volume! LOTS of volume. We all want it! Luckily, it’s easy to get big volume – with the right tips and tricks. The look Wow Volume is one of the 2019 trend hairstyles created by stylist Armin Morbach for Schwarzkopf. This style is anything but restrained. It’s wild. In fact, it shouts with self-confidence: “Here I am!” It’s a look guaranteed to rock on you as well as it does on model Elizabeth Wood. “Every woman wants hair that’s full of volume. That’s the biggest challenge for every hairstylist – and every woman standing in front of her bathroom mirror in the morning. The right products are crucial to make this style very sexy,” says Armin Morbach. So, which products will you need? Find out here…

What makes the TrendLook Wow Volume so irresistible

  • Big, full hair ensures this trend style looks super sexy!
  • Feel free to go really wild when styling. Your motto: More is more.
  • Make sure your finish isn’t too rigid. While your hair will gain some texture through volume styling, it should still look very natural and casual.

How to easily recreate the trend style Wow Volume at home

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Uhh, a little more volume, please? The TrendLook Wow Volume is for you!
  1. Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Work a hazelnut-sized portion of volumizing mousse through towel-dried hair.
  2. Flip your head upside-down and shake your hair out while blow-drying. Work individual sections with your fingertips for definition.
  3. Create corkscrew curls using a curling iron. Work section by section until all your hair is curled.
  4. Because you want volume – not perfect curls – gently brush through your curls and shake your hair out.
  5. To ensure a long-lasting style, finish with hairspray. Wow: You’re irresistible!

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With the right products, big-volume styling is easy.

On which occasions could you rock this and the other four trend hairstyles? Elizabeth Wood and our other models chat about this and more on camera: