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Center or side part? This parting suits you best

Side, middle or slightly off-center: there are many ways to draw a parting. But not every parting flatters every face. Find out where you should be parting your hair

Shouldn’t you just let nature decide where to part your hair? Not necessarily. The right parting is the one that shows you at your best. What’s more, the perfect parting can make you look younger and slimmer. Now you’re curious! So, find out whether you’re parting your hair as you should and whether it’s accentuating your best assets. If you’re not, it takes very little effort to move a parting to create a completely new look. Makeovers don’t get any easier than this!

The side parting...

... is perfect for you if you have a round or oval face. Left or right side? The parting needs to emphasizes your best side. You don’t have a good side? Of course, you do! Look in the mirror and follow the direction of your nose. The parting needs to go in the opposite direction. To create a parting, take a fine-toothed comb and draw a line through your hair, starting level with the middle of your eyebrow, pulling backwards from your forehead to the back of your head. Other advantages: the sleek side parting gives fine hair a volume boost. It can make your face look more youthful and less severe – and even hide a wrinkle or two

The center part...

... is not for everyone. If you have a round face you should probably best avoid this style as it can make your face look flatter and wider. If, on the other hand, you have more angular features and a symmetrical face, you really can’t go wrong with this look. Center-parted hair emphasizes cheek bones. The best thing about the center parting is its versatility. A center-part with sleek, straightened hair is classic, clean and sophisticated. Finish off with a puff or two of shine spray and you’re glam-ready to make an appearance!  

The slightly off-center parting...

... can soften slightly asymmetrical features and sharp chins. Draw this kind of parting just above the inner corner of you eye. For heart-shaped faces, the off-center part can bring a certain balance to your features. It’s also edgier than an ordinary center parting.

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