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Flexible Hairstyles of Lasting Beauty

Modern women live busy and interesting lives. This applies both to work and play. Contemporary hairstyles and styling products have adapted to our modern active lifestyles. We explain what the new Flex styling products can do for you

Long gone are the times when we had to choose between natural hairstyles and styling for long hold. Special Flex styling products provide flexibility while also keeping your hair in shape. Modern styling products for lasting hold no longer act like glue rendering the hair rigid to the touch. Flexible hair looks soft and natural but stays in shape the way you styled it with the help of a brush, flat iron, and other styling aids.

The secret behind naturally looking hair with long hold are styling aids with liquid elastin, which coat hair in a whisper-thin layer; polymer linkages then form between adjacent hairs. This linked coat provides lasting hold while the hairstyle still looks natural and can be refreshed. As additional benefit Flex styling products also prevent hair from becoming dry or frizzy.

Flexible Hold for Your Hair in Three Steps

  1. Flex styling mousse is the basis for flexible hold. It provides volume and moisturisers without weighing your hair down.
    Work a generous amount of Flex styling mousse through your damp hair including the hair near the roots.

  2. Once your hair is dry, style it as desired. Use Flex powder to create plenty of volume and bounce.

  3. Apply Flex hairspray after styling your hair. The innovative formula of Flex hairspray will not cause your hair to feel sticky.

Which hairstyles benefit the most from Flex styling?

Flexible hold is the optimal solution for all naturally looking hairstyles.

  • Flex styling gives curly hairstyles enduring hold while the light formula keeps curls springy.
  • Strands of Flex-styled short hair can be accentuated. The short hairstyle will still keep its natural appeal. Your hair will remain flexible enough to be changed into a festive evening style for example.
  • Flex styling with special styling mousse, volumising powder, and hairspray will give undone hairstyles the desired hold without interfering with the carefree nature of undone hairstyles.

In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to create naturally looking hairstyles:

Video Tutorial: How to Style Naturally Looking Curls