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The Hair Disaster Squad: Styling Products and Tips

Come out wherever you are! An unhappy choice of hairstyle should not bring you down. Instead, try our helpful hints and use some of the nifty styling products, styling tools, and hair accessories. It takes very little to turn hair disaster into a creative hair style

Styling Products

This partial wet look involves using gel to comb the hair above the ears back in a stylishly austere fashion. The remaining hair is allowed to fall naturally

Styling Products to the Rescue:
Front and centre in this hair rescue squad is hair gel. Gel can work magic because it completely changes your hairstyle to wet and smooth. Quickly and without much ado, gel creates the trendy wet look, which is suitable for hair of any length and cut. Use plenty of gel to create the "complete wet look". Distribute the gel between both hands and use them to apply the gel to your hair. Then use a comb to cover your hair with gel from the roots to the ends. Alternatively, you may like to gel only part of your hair like for example one side (the side where you created a side parting) before styling the side hair back to a mock undercut. If at all possible you should shampoo your hair in the evening to remove the gel or at least comb your hair.

Styling Tools to the Rescue:
Curling your hair is a very effective method to blur the lines of a haircut dilemma. Curly hair appears shorter, and the lines of that hated haircut are no longer quite so visible. Apply heat protectant before using a curling iron or foam curlers and a blow dryer to create the curls. Use your fingers to tousle your hair a bit. You may also like to use hair wax to accentuate individual hair strands or ends.

The opposite effect may work just as well for you. In this alternative, the hair is styled very straight using either a flat iron or a straightening blow dry kit (you may have to experiment with straightening methods). Quite possibly, your new hairstyle looks a lot better with straight hair. The straight look may change your appearance and hairstyle sufficiently so that you can make peace with your new haircut.

Hair Accessories/Jewellery:

Styling Products

You may like to add some style by tucking part of your fringes to the side using a hair slide or bobby pin

Your hair rescue squad comes in the forms of Alice bands, bobby pins, and scrunchies. Just in case your hair is not quite long enough at ear level, simply tuck them back and secure them with crosswise placed bobby pins. This trick secures even the shortest hair. To make your hair more manageable you may want to distribute some hair wax through your hair.

Do you think that your hair is too long for your face or style or do you dislike the haircut in general? Gathering your hair in a ponytail is an excellent and time-honoured solution. You may want to hold back your side hair with an Alice band or bandana. Use hairspray to hold Alice bands and hair jewellery more securely in your hair.

In his video, top stylist Armin Morbach shows how you can change your look using hair accessories and jewellery.

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