Sideview of woman with zig-zag headband
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The 90s Zig-zag Headband is Back

This plastic, elastic headband from the 90s keeps hair cleanly and smoothly back off your face – and looks super stylish. Learn how to wear this accessory now and what trend styles you can create with it

Zig-zag headband: Back to the future

Woman with zig-zag headband and dress

Bella Hadid on the runway at Prabal Gurung wearing a zig-zag headband

The zig-zag headband was our constant companion in the 90s because it was just so damn practical. And stylish! Good thing that this trend is celebrating a comeback in 2018. As so often happens, models triggered the hype on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week (it was spotted on the Prabal Gurung runway, among others). Megastars like Gigi Hadid are now wearing the fancy headband on the streets. And now we want one, too! We tell you where to get one, how to style it, and which hairstyles will work best with it.

Practical can be beautiful

Unlike regular headbands, the zig-zag headband is more like a giant stretchy hair tie. Let us explain: The “loop” goes around the head once, and its teeth hold all the hair back off your face and neck in super-practical style. It’s also available in a less flexible, traditional headband style which is simply placed behind the ears. Whether it’s stretchy plastic, or made of sturdier material: The zig-zag headband definitely combines the practical with the fashionable.

Pair the zig-zag headband with these hairstyles

Woman with zig-zag headband and earrings

The elastic zig-zag headband suits many styles: Wear it with a bun, as see here, a ponytail – or even with otherwise loose hair

But how do you style it? In terms of this comeback, the fashion world agrees: The models spotted wearing it on the runways all have their hair brushed back. Turn this into a sexy wet look with a little gel or styling cream in your hair.

  • Loose, yet sleek
    Blow dry hair back using a paddle brush. Comb back and apply a little styling cream to roots. Slide on your zig-zag headband and fix any flyaways with a little hairspray.

  • Low ponytail
    For this hairstyle, you’ll also start by blow drying and combing all your hair back. Gather all the hair together and secure it at the nape in a low pony. You can use either a super thin hair tie, or go fully retro with thicker hairties. For the perfect flashback look, use a scrunchy! Finally, add your zig-zag headband and fix the style with hair spray.

  • Bun
    Whether low down, or up high like a ballerina: The bun is perfect for a festival, a night out, or doing sport. It will keep all the hair out of your face, and is super comfortable to boot.  Get the look: Comb the hair back and create a bun with the help of a hair donut. Then smooth on a zig-zag headband and finish with hair spray.

Hair care for smooth zig-zag styling

When wearing a zig-zag headband, it’s crucial that your hair is frizz-free, meaning: Healthy and well-groomed. That's why moisturizing conditioners or masks are key! If you want to do something good for your hair, leave a mask on overnight. Apply, wrap a towel around your head and go get some beauty sleep. The next morning, wash and dry your hair as usual. Thanks to the long treatment time, the mask can penetrate deep into the interior of your hair and get to work. The surface of your hair will feel soft and velvety as a result. Overnight treatments provide a great boost of moisture for both the hair and the scalp.