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Turban is the trend: How to style your hair with the hottest hair accessory of the year

Heads up: this summer, wide-brimmed summer hats are not the only on-trend hair accessory. Turbans and scarves are fashion hits too. We show you how to create stylish headwear step-by-step –  and reveal our favorite looks, too

Turbans might remind you a little of the jetsetters of the ‘60s. Worn with modern outfits, however, head wraps and scarves are trendier than ever. The result is an exciting blend of styles that gives the wearer a somewhat flamboyant air. But before we reveal our favorite turban styles, we show you how to wrap the latest look.

  1. Place your scarf over your head. Before you get this far though, you need to fold your scarf into a proper triangle. Now, with the tip of the scarf at the front, take hold of the two longer ends on the left and right.
  2. Tie the ends into a knot at the center of your head, pull it together close to the roots and just above your forehead. Next, take the ends around and tie another knot at the nape of your neck.
  3. Tuck the ends under the scarf. Do the same with the triangle tip at the front. Pull everything into place. And there you have your chic turban.

Turban with your hair loose

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