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These Headband Styles Are Back Again

Do headbands remind you of being a kid? Believe it or not, the hair accessory of the nineties is back in a big way. Most wanted: A velvet headband studded with pearls or gemstones. We reveal how to style the 2018 headband look, and which hairstyles to work with

Bangs, long hair and flowing manes are great – but what about when temperatures rise again in spring and summer? This is a problem for a lot of women. A stylish and practical solution: The headband. Luckily for us, this look is back!  

Where does the headband trend originate?

The nineties are well and truly over, and our once-beloved headbands have long since been banished from our styling repertoire. At most, we might use them to keep our hair back in the bathroom. (Think: Make-up removal.) But the headband is creeping back into everyday styles again – and what’s more, it’s become something special and stylish. It’s an easy way to spice up an otherwise ordinary style. Whether elaborately decorated or plain: The humble headband has become a real eye-catcher. Tip: Try one in velvet for an extra cool look.

Who can wear headbands?

Almost any woman can wear a headband. It’s important that the hair is not too thin, so that the band sits well and the hairstyle looks full and voluminous. Follow these tips to look your best in a headband:


  • Use a volumizing shampoo when washing. This gives the hair fullness and makes it look stronger. It also makes the hair more workable.
  • Work mousse through the hair before blow-drying. As a result, the hairstyle can later be shaped better, and it will hold longer.
  • Also helpful before blow-drying: An anti-frizz lotion. The hair should be smooth and shiny and not stick out in all directions from the headband.
  • A must: Teasing hair at the crown. Divide up the back sections of hair and create volume with a teasing comb. Teasing makes headband-based styles really pop.
  • Finally, fix your style with a volume hair spray – so that everything stays where it belongs! 

Wide headbands

Extra wide headbands create an elegant look. They work less well in braids or updos – use these in loose hair. Where do they work best? In a long, wavy mane. These are especially beautiful in satin or velvet – it doesn’t get much more classic than this.

Roaring Twenties: Headbands in retro styles

We know that headbands are retro. However, they weren’t just beloved in the nineties, but in the Roaring Twenties, too. No outfit was complete without a headband: With rhinestones, feathers, mesh inserts, sequins or small beads. If you want to go for the Gatsby look, you should forget “less is more” styling. Here, glamor is everything!

Headband meets updo

Updos can look even more elegant with headbands. Achieve the look: Tease the hair on your crown, pin lengths up, then smooth back the root area. Or try it modern and undone by leaving hair loose and tucked behind the ears. The crowning glory: The headband! Ideal: A thin headband in gold, silver or a fresh pop of color.

Headband with extras

Now that headbands are back in style, they come in all shapes, colors and materials:


  1. Twisted
    Braided headbands are not just for the beer maiden look. The great thing about these is that you look as if you’ve elaborately and very accurately braided your own hair into a crown braid. Important: The headband should match your hair color as closely as possible.

  2. Fabric
    Velvet, satin, corduroy, denim – there are countless beautiful possibilities for fabric headbands. Choose your fabric based on the occasion, and how elegant you want your look to be. Wear a denim headband shopping, a satin headband to cocktail hour. On special occasions, a velvet headband in dark green, dark blue or black will look stylish and classic.

  3. Bejeweled
    A little bling on a headband can make for a gorgeous everyday look. Pearls are particularly feminine and playful. An embellished headband is the perfect complement to a romantic outfit.