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Hair accessory trend: Filigree hair clips in geometric shapes

Filigree, geometric hair clips are causing a styling sensation. The great thing: These accessories make even the simplest hairstyle look on-trend. Lend your hair a modern update with one of these clips.

Hair clips in geometric shapes

A filigree hair clip in a triangular shape gives this simple hairstyle a trendy twist.

How can you turn an everyday hairdo into a trend look with just one styling touch? It’s easy – at least, it is if you have the right hair accessories. Currently, we’re all tied up with these filigree hair clips in funky geometric shapes. But it’s not just us: Even on platforms such as Pinterest, these delicate hair clips are a huge trend. What to look for? These cool new hair clips are often round or triangular, and are made of metal in either gold, rose gold or silver tones. It’s true that many of us probably associate hair clips with hairstyles for little girls. This doesn’t apply to geometric hair clips, as we’ll prove below. We’ll also reveal how to style your hair to make the most of this hot hair accessory.

Wear the trend: How to style a filigree geometric hair clip

Filigree geometric hair clips look best in simple hairstyles. The result: A modern, clean look that’s in no way overdone.

How to style it: Gather hair from the upper head down to ear level in two wide sections and fix at the back of the head, either directly with the hair clip, or, for more hold, using a thin hair tie. Tip: Use a hair tie that’s the same color as your hair so it won’t be visible. Then, position the hair clip on top of it. To finish, spritz with a little hair spray for more hold.

Style tip: The less sleek and precise the hair is styled, the more casual and on-trend your geometric hair clip look will be. Don’t be afraid to leave a few strands of hair falling loose. Soften your look a little more by loosening up the hair at your hairline slightly with your fingertips when you’ve finished styling.