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Who says useful cannot be beautiful? While barrettes, bands and clips were often nothing more than practical styling helpers in the past, they are now in the hair limelight! They refine any hairstyle as decorative eye-catchers! We open the treasure chest and present the new accessory highlights

Barrettes, hair clips & co. usually lead an inconspicuous existence. Primarily designed as practical styling helpers and often matched to the hair colour, they do their job virtually unnoticed. But now all that is in the past as hair accessories are making their grand entrance! High-end materials and new designs from clean to pompous make it possible. And so these little helpers are transformed into the main attraction. Naturally they retain their usefulness, but now the focus is on their appearance! Visit our gallery to see how this looks.

Hair Accessories: That something extra

Tips & tricks for Hair Accessories

Bad hair day? Not much time for styling? A hair accessory can do wonders! A greasy hairline for example can be easily covered with a hair band, and small eye-catchers like Strass pins quickly, easily and effectively upgrade everyday styles.

– Short hair with comparatively little styling leeway gets an extra glamour kick for the evening with flower brooches or glitter clips.

– Small clips and barrettes can easily slip out of fine hair. To make sure everything stays in place, tease the section to be attached very slightly first; 'roughed up' this way, the hair offers a larger surface for better hold. It also helps if you apply a bit of hairspray to the little eye-catchers.

– Skilfully inserted, the small jewels can present various facial shapes in the right light as well: A becoming hair brooch at the crown in combination with a high chignon can stretch a round face, making it look longer. If your face is more narrow and long, pins and clips look good on the sides.