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Hair Accessories: Gorgeous, On-trend Embellishments for Your Style

Hair ties, headbands, barrettes - hair accessories are totally hot in 2018. With minimal effort and the right accessories, you can quickly upgrade your look. We show you five of our favorites, and which hairstyles they work with

Need to refresh your look? There’s nothing easier than adding a cool accessory. You can quickly and easily put the spotlight on your hair without having to change a thing. Whether romantic or edgy, cool or elegant, with a multitude of fashion brands offering hair accessories, somewhere out there is the right one for you. The golden rule: Your hair should fall as naturally as possible and not look too styled – otherwise you run the risk of entering “schoolgirl” style territory. Tip: Let hair air dry or blow dry with your head upside down. Use dry shampoo for an instant volume boost. Now you can get started! Experiment with stylish barrettes and hair clips: THE trend accessories for summer hair. Read on to discover the five hottest accessories of the moment and how to wear them.

  1. Girly in bows
    This playful hair accessory from your childhood is experiencing a revival, alongside scrunchies and velvet headbands. Forget the boring bows of your elementary school days: Bows are now super-stylish. Almost any long fabric headband or cool silk scarf can be tied into a cute hair bow. It’s a look that suits many occasions; from a summer wedding to your first meeting of the in-laws to a relaxed coffee date with girlfriends. Tip: Bows don’t just adorn ponytails anymore: Try one on a bun!

  2. Stylish headbands
    The headband is back on the heads of fashionistas! This iconic hair accessory has also moved on from its elementary school look and now flaunts a new, versatile image that crowns casual street-style hair. The star look: A velvet headband, elegantly adorning loose, undone hair. Styling tip: Instead of pushing hair back with the headband, create a center part and place the headband on top. Leading this trend are wide, lush bands in velvet and satin, adorned with pearls or colorful crystals. Slender bands with extravagant embellishments also look super elegant.

  3. Wedding hair embellishments
    Pearl-studded hair is beautiful and classic on brides. Stylishly secure an updo with pearl-embellished hairpins. A nice alternative for thick hair: An embellished hair comb. Wearing your hair loose and undone – or have short hair? You can still adorn your look with a pearl headband. A fascinator can make a gorgeous statement in short hair, too. Not into pearls? Flowers make perfect hair accessories for brides and wedding guests alike.

  4. Barrettes and hair clips: More versatile than ever
    Stylish barrettes are our favorites: They’re simultaneously practical and chic. Bun cuffs put the spotlight on your top knot. These accessories are a mix of ring and hair pin. Place the ring around your bun, pushing the pin through to give long-lasting, secure hold. Perfect for minimalists: Geometric hair clips. These funky, eye-catching accessories are available for almost every hair length.
    Hair clips can help you to neatly (and cutely) get your hair out of the way – for example, you can casually style your bangs out of your face. Last but not least, don’t forget good old bobby pins. Styling tip: With bobby pins in bright colors, tortoiseshell or logo prints, you can secure a half bun in style, or create a cool, messy look – think “fresh from the beach.”

  5. Romantic flower crowns
    It all started in Sweden: At the Scandinavian nation’s Midsummer Festival, women adorn their heads with lush flower crowns. For anyone looking to add a little romance to their style, floral hair arrangements are the way to go.
    A floral wreath goes well with a traditional dirndl dress, but is also a totally hot look on the music festival scene. Women with thick, long hair can choose larger blooms, while short-haired women should opt for a more delicate flower crown.