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Hairstyles for Men Wearing Glasses

Nowadays, men no longer hide vision problems but wear their glasses as part of a fashion statement. Together with the right hairstyle, glasses shape an attractive image. We show a few of the harmonious hairstyle choices for men who wear glasses

Men no longer see the need to wear contact lenses to hide their less than perfect vision. Today’s trendy glasses have full frames in muted colours. Nerdy angular glasses, round glasses or any combination of these styles are cool choices for men. Dark glasses with thick rims are particularly fashionable right now.

Glasses belong to the few accessories men can wear to change or enhance their images. Different from scarfs or head gear, glasses are part of men’s appearances for quite a while, and they have a much stronger impact. Selecting the most suitable glasses is therefore important.

Hairstyles and Glasse: A Harmonious Impression

Glasses and hairstyle are part of one and the same fashion statement.

Harmonious Expression: Ideal hairstyle/glasses combinations create harmonious images both in terms of colour and shape. Online colour matchers can help you find the right colour for the frame of your glasses. Obviously, light frames are best for blondes and redheads, and darker frames are best suited for men with brown or black hair.

Short or Long Hair: With an all-around short haircut the glasses become a focal point (as demonstrated by Luke Evans in our photo gallery). Peter Som’s long top hair gives glasses and hairstyle equal focus.

Glasses and Beard: If your glasses are a dominant feature in your overall facial appearance your beard should not compete for attention. Designer stubbles or chin beards are good choices.

Opposites Attract! Round models of glasses are suitable for angular faces and vice versa.

Keep Hair out of Your Face: Glasses in combination with long full fringes or face-covering strands of hair can dull your facial expression.

The photos in our gallery show appealing combinations of haircuts, hairstyles, and beards for men wearing glasses.

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