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What Fringe Looks Good On Me?

From micro to long – we reveal what fringe looks best on you. The only thing you need to know is your facial shape. Round, oval, heart-shaped, angular...? Find out – along with the matching fringe hairstyle!

Imagine this situation: you are sitting in front of the mirror and looking for a change. The current length of your hair is fine and you really like the colour too. Trying out a braided hairdo or twirling the hair up is not enough for you. What can you do? Our tip: try a fringe. Since a fringe can quickly change your look entirely, the wish for some variety can come true in just a few steps and cuts.

To make sure your fringe project is a success all along the line, you should think carefully before choosing a version: micro-fringe, long fringe, frayed or straight? The choice is yours!

Does the fringe go with your facial shape?

Are you wondering if a fringe looks good on you at all? The answer is a definite yes. But not every fringe looks good on everyone. The right cut matching the facial shape is the key. How do you determine your facial shape? You can calculate it. Take a few simple measurements to determine the proportions between the various facial features to find out. How it's done:

  1. Measure the widest part of your forehead.

  2. Measure the widest part of your cheekbones.

  3. Measure the widest part of your jaw.

  4. Measure the overall width of the face below the eyes.

  5. Finally, measure vertically from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin to determine the length of your face.

  6. Take note of all these measurements.

Oval Face

An oval face is usually 1 ½ times longer than wide. The contour is defined by soft curves with no striking bones. This facial shape works with virtually any fringe.

Go: Full, frayed, long or short – choose whatever you like.

No go: The fringe should not end at eyebrow height, but either a bit higher or lower. The brows frame the face and the fringe should either emphasise or conceal them.

Heart-Shaped Face

A broad forehead and a narrow, sharply tapering chin are the most striking features of a heart-shaped face. The forehead and cheeks may be close to the same width. A fringe cut that makes the forehead appear narrower and the chin wider is therefore ideal.

Go: Hit the bull's eye with a frayed fringe that is slightly layered. A fringe that is cut sideways flatters your heart-shaped face as well.

No go: Stay away from a micro-fringe. This very short fringe cut just attracts attention to the forehead, making it appear even broader.

Angular Face

The angular facial shape is usually as long as it is wide, with striking cheekbones. A fringe that makes your face appear softer is ideal.

Go: Soft fringe cuts that fall loosely, playing gently around the face for a highly feminine look are great for angular contours.

No go: Avoid geometric and straight cuts because they make your face appear even harder and more angular.

Round Face

As with an angular face, the round shape is just as long as wide. However, the forehead and jaw are very soft and curved. The ideal fringe adds structure to the face and makes it look longer.

Go: A long fringe is the perfect companion for a round face. It visually lengthens the face and flatters its appearance.

No go: Stay away from a very short fringe since it can make the face appear even shorter.

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