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Professional tips: Cut your own bangs at home

Do you want a new look? Thought about trying bangs? It’s crazy how something so small can change your look so drastically. You can actually cut your own bangs at home, but to make sure everything runs smoothly, we have compiled some tips on how to cut your own bangs.

Rest assured that bangs will suit you since they flatter almost everyone: they can help a narrow face look better proportioned, and are great at concealing a high forehead. Curly hair is also bangs-compatible: if you slightly straighten your bangs, they will looks amazing with a curly hairstyle - just don't forget the heat protection spray! However, not all bangs are the same! Different cuts, lengths, and colors result in completely different hairstyles. Therefore, check which style of bangs suits you before you snip.


So you’re definitely set on bangs? Good choice! Then you can start right away and cut them yourself! These professional tips and tricks will help you:

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Before you cut your own bangs, get all the necessary utensils.

Cut your own bangs at home

To cut your own bangs at home, you need the right equipment. Hair clippers are a must. Please never cut your hair with craft or kitchen scissors. Proper haircutting scissors are a little sharper and extra smooth, and you can get them at any drugstore. Furthermore, you should not cut your bangs when they are wet. Wet hair is longer, so once your bangs have dried, they’ll shrink due to the bounce. If you cut them dry, you can avoid them ending up shorter than planned. Only cut bangs yourself when the lighting is good and make sure you’re standing or sitting directly in front of a mirror.

Cut straight bangs yourself

When cutting straight bangs, you will need a steady hand to get a continuous line. To do this more easily, gather all the hair together at the front of your head and tie the remaining hair back so that it’s out of your face. Now place the front strands horizontally between your index and middle finger at the desired length. Now cut off all the hair that’s under your fingers. Finally, cut any uneven hairs while still holding them between your index and middle finger.

Cut choppy bangs yourself

You want to cut your own choppy bangs? Then look in the drugstore to see if you can find any thinning scissors. These scissors make it a lot easier to cut choppy bangs yourself. If you only have conventional haircutting scissors, first cut yourself straight bangs. The next step is to make small incisions in the hair - we recommend every 0.5 centimeters along your bangs.

Trim your bangs yourself

If your bangs have grown too long, you can trim them yourself. If you follow these tips, then nothing  can go wrong:


  1. Before you do any cutting, clip back the hair on either side so you can determine the width of your bangs. So that the proportions are as even as possible, the edge of your bangs should gently frame your face.
  2. First comb your bangs and let them fall into their natural position. Then take the hair between your index and middle finger and lift it slightly.
  3. and cut! Do not hold the scissors at a straight angle – an acute angle from below is best - and cut small ridges (only a few millimeters long) into the bangs.
  4. Do not cut the bangs too far into the sides of your hair, but only a little bit past the corners of your eyes. Make sure the proportions are correct otherwise a round face, for example, could look even fuller.
  5. The lower edge of the eyebrows is a good starting point for the new length of your bangs. This way you can't go wrong on your first DIY attempt.
  6. Cutting the tips, on the other hand, takes precision: it is better to take small steps and check in the mirror from time to time to see whether you are satisfied with the length or whether you need to cut it further.
  7. Tip: It is better to trim your bangs every few days so that they keep their shape. This is easier than waiting several weeks and then not knowing where to start. This also means you have to cut more, which is usually not so easy to do.
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If you want to grow out your bangs, we have some helpful tips for you.

Grow out your bangs

You don't want bangs anymore and want to let them grow out? With these three steps, it’s very easy to do:


Step 1: If your bangs can't be brushed aside yet, you can make them look better with accessories like decorated hair clips or a hairband. This way you can create a sophisticated hairstyle while you're waiting.


Step 2: If your bangs are at eye level, it's time for a part. You can do this either near the middle of the forehead or on either side. Tip: After washing your hair, work some mousse into your locks and style the part in place while it is still wet. If you blow-dry your bangs to the side, they will not fall back into your face as quickly.


Step 3: If your bangs are already down to your nose, you can start cutting them yourself. Divide your bangs into two parts down the middle. Then cut each half from the inside outwards and layer the tips, so they are longer towards the outside. By doing this, your former bangs blend harmoniously into the sides of your hair.