Hair Styling | Fringe

Fringes - Are they for you and which ones will look best?

Bevelled, round, short, wispy or long: There are many ways to wear fringes. The question is which fringes look good on what person. You also need to know how to care for fringes


Fringes (bangs) are now part of many hair styles

You see fringes not only on people walking the catwalks or the red carpet or on people enjoying glamorous parties. No, you see them everywhere you go now. Fringes are marvellously versatile. In this season, fringes (bangs) can be of different lengths. Therefore, they can hide a forehead that is slightly too high or give the right contour to the face. With a little skill you can also use fringes to hide expression or laugh lines.

Fringes also appeal to adventurous women who like to experiment with hair styles because it is so easy to work with fringes. They can be decoratively pinned to the sides, can be braided or also tamed with a bandana. One day, you may decide to no longer wear fringes. Not to worry, fringes look stylish even in transitional lengths. With proper care short fringes simply turn into long ones.

Women with fine hair can use fringes to their best advantage, especially if the fringes start up high on the head and then fall into the face with ample volume. Hint: Fringes are not for you if your hair is naturally very curly.

Four tips to care for your fringes:

  • If your skin is prone to blemishes you should blow-dry your fringes over a large round brush. That will keep your hair off your skin as much as possible. A trace of hair spray also helps because it envelopes the hair and keeps it from soaking up excess oil
  • In case there is not enough time to wash your hair, you may simply use some powder shampoo on your fringes. Brush your hair and fringes thoroughly afterward and you will be ready to go in no time flat
  • You can buy small powder shampoo sheets in specialty stores. They are practical because they soak up excess oil from the forehead and keep your fringes less oily
  • Touch your hair and fringes as little as possible

This is how the A-list crowd wears fringes: