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Fringes (bangs): The six hottest catwalk trends

Bevelled, round, short, wispy or long: There are many ways to wear fringes. The question is which fringes look good on what person. You also need to know how to care for fringes

Pixie Fringes


The tomboyish pixie fringes by Burberry are particularly appealing if worn by women with delicate facial features

Here is how the style is done:

The pixie fringes flatter women with small faces and not too high a forehead. Fine facial features appear even more feminine with this unisex haircut. The style works with fine straight hair and with slightly wavy hair. Since the haircut needs to be very accurate, the hair stylist must trim it every four weeks. The daily maintenance however is a matter of a few minutes. Beware: Pixie cuts demand confidence. You will no longer be able to hide behind a curtain of long hair.

This is how the A-list crowd wears fringes:

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