Hair Styling | 50s Hairstyles

Rockabilly Hairstyles

Add a little 50s glam to your world with these hairstyles! Headbands, quiffs and dreamy waves help you rock every outfit. We show you how to style these retro looks fresh for today

Listen up, hip Betties! 50s hairstyles are feminine, individual and will make you look like you’re living your best life. It’s no wonder celebs like Dita Von Teese and Pink love and live this look. Allow us to introduce the four most beautiful rockabilly hairstyles to recreate on yourself.

Rockabilly hairstyles for women: the quiff

Side-view of red-haired woman wearing sunglasses, her shoulder-length hair styled in a quiff and wrapped with a red bandana headscarf

Pure glamor: Add an elegant headscarf or turban to a cool quiff

The quiff is THE retro hairstyle par excellence, boasting major glamor. Mega-star singer Alicia Keys has been spotted wearing this look on the red carpet. All you need to get a chic quiff is some mousse, volume powder, super strong hair gel and hair spray to secure it all.


To create your quiff, apply mousse to towel-dried hair and blow dry using a round brush. Always start your brush strokes right at the roots for the biggest volume boost. Once hair is dry, you can smooth down any flyaways on the sides of your head with a little gel. Start your quiff with a braided ponytail. You’re going to start at your neck, and braid upwards, leaving the ends open. Now roll the ends up on themselves, towards your forehead, so that you can tuck them under and pin them to create your quiff. Secure it all with a good blast of hairspray.

Rockabilly hairstyles for women: big glamor waves

Another dreamy retro style is super soft, XXL curls. Think: Dita Von Teese. Get the look easily using a very thick curling iron, a flat iron, or – for those who want to keep it classic – rollers.


For flawless glamor waves, hair needs to look super shiny and well groomed. Good moisturizing care products and an anti-frizz balm are your essentials. Look authentic with a deep side parting, cats-eye eyeliner flicks and red lipstick.

Rockabilly hairstyles for women: the victory roll

Woman with blond, pink highlighted hair worn in victory rolls, wearing a black rockabilly dress adorned with a red flower brooch.

Create elegant victory rolls in your own hair. You can do it!

The victory roll looks more complicated than it is. This style owes its name to a fighter plane maneuver performed to honor the victory of the Allied Forces in WWII. With a few tricks, you’ll be rolling your way to victory with this style!


First, create a side part – wherever you like it, no rules here! Now take a wide section of hair from either side of your part and loosely pin these aside. Then curl the rest of your hair at the back of your head – think big, soft curls. Once these have cooled, you can brush through them with a natural-bristled hairbrush to make them softer. Pin this curly hair gently back and out of your way while you create your victory rolls. Get your victory rolls by first curling and brushing through these sections (as per the back of your head), then doing some major backcombing. This process will give you the volume and hold you need to create the rolls. Then wrap each section around two fingers and roll towards your part, securing carefully to your head with bobby pins. Release the curled hair at the back of your head and finish with shine hairspray.

Rockabilly hairstyles for women: the bandana

Brunette woman with short bangs wearing sunglasses and a red blouse with white hearts and her hair loosely tied up with a bandana.

With a bandana, every hairstyle looks super stylish in an instant.

Updos with bandanas – worn as headscarves – bring a retro feel to your styling. The best part: This updo is allowed to look a bit wilder and “undone.” A messy bun is the perfect foundation for this retro look, loved by both Beyoncé and Rihanna.


All you need to style it is a cool bandana and a few hairpins. First, get some curl in your hair using a curling iron or a flat iron, then pin it up however the mood takes you, securing with hairpins. Then wrap your bandana around your head, starting at your nape and bringing the ends around to the top of your head. Tie it off to one side at the top of your head to complete your authentic rockabilly look. Cool twist: Let a few strands of hair fall out under the bandana to keep things looking relaxed and natural.