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Retro Glamour Waves Are Back

In the 1940s and 1950s, well-defined curls and a deep-set side parting the style of a generation. Now this Hollywood glamour style is back again! Stars and models once again wear the giant curls. Find out below how you too can create the style

You probably know the style from old Hollywood movies with female stars wearing large glamour curls. Have a closer look! You may fall in love with the graceful feminine look. Actresses with their glamorous hairstyles were the style icons of their time and their style still inspires women worldwide. Today’s stars walk in their footsteps but put a new very feminine face on the old Hollywood glamour style. The TV series 'Mad Men' also played a big role in reviving the giant waves. The series is set in the New York of the 1950s and 1960s and the very attractive actresses in the series have done their part in drawing attention to the elegant feminine hairstyles of this period. 

Retro Hairstyles: Styling Tips

The hair colour should look uniform for retro styles with large curls. There are no streaks in retro style hairdos. Hair should be at least shoulder-length for this style. You can select between various styles once you have created the giant glamour waves:

Slightly undone glamour waves give the look a modern touch. Simply use your fingers to tousle the perfect curls a little. Carefully brushing the glamour curls has the same effect. As a result, the hair looks less stiff and has more volume.

If your hair is long enough sweep it to the side and over one shoulder. This looks particularly glamorous.

The best make-up to complement the retro hairstyles involves bright red lipstick and black eyelashes, which are also borrowed from the Hollywood playbook of the Golden Era. Dependent on your style, you may like to use dark smokey eye liner or rosé eye shadow.

How to Create Retro Hairstyles

1. Work a tennis ball sized dollop of styling mousse through your towel-dry hair.

2. Use a thin comb to create a low exacting side parting.

3. Wrap large strands of hair on medium-sized rollers or on a curling iron. Alternatively, you may form the waves with your fingers and secure them with clips and hairspray.

4. Then blow-dry your hair before you carefully remove the curlers. Of course, blow-drying is not necessary when you use heated curlers.

5. Now shape the curls using your fingers.

6. You may like to use some gel for a smoother look or to tame fly-away hair.

7. Extra-gloss hairspray is the perfect finish for this style.

Enjoy our gallery below. We show you retro hairstyles in the style of Hollywood’s glory days.