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The latest dirndl hairstyles are so easy

From the traditional braided crown to the relaxed updo adorned with a flower crown: follow our simple step-by-step instructions to get the dirndl hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of!

Whether you prefer to chill at the beer bench, dare to take the wild rides or just stroll the festival grounds, a visit to a folk festival needs the right look. When the folk fest season starts in the spring, it’s time to don your dirndl once again. You’ll need a playful hairstyle to suit the season, from classic braided crown to flowing mane with a floral wreath. Let us help set the folk festival scene with the hottest dirndl hairstyle looks for mid-length and short hair!

Dirndl hairstyle: the braided crown

Blond woman with braided crown wearing a pink dirndl

A braided hair crown is both hip and traditional.

Folk festivals have a long, historic tradition in Germany. Beer and brass music are just as much a part of this tradition as classic braided hairstyles. One particularly beautiful look is the braided crown. Achieve this pretty dirndl hairstyle in mid-length to long hair with just a few steps.


  • Add a small amount of mousse or volume powder to hair for added grip. 
  • Start by braiding the hair at ear-level into two long braids.
  • Wrap these two braids around the head and secure with hair pins. Even those with shorter hair can achieve this style. Simply start your braiding directly at the hairline.

Dirndl hairstyle: half-up with twisted tendrils

A nice alternative to the braided crown is a half-up hairstyle with twisted sections, secured with a silk bow. This look is elegant, romantic, and super-easy to do. 


  • Create a center part and take a wide section of hair from the right and left of your forehead.
  • Twist these two strands straight back at around ear level, bringing them together at the back of the head.
  • Secure these sections together with a fine hair tie, then create a cute bow using silk ribbon over this. Nice touch: match your bow to your dirndl!
  • Extra tip: use a little anti-frizz lotion to ensure hair stays silky smooth and banish all flyaways!

Dirndl hairstyle: boxer braids

Boxer braids are a cool yet classic dirndl hairstyle to wear in mid-length hair. These require a little finesse, but the eye-catching result is worth it.


  • Create a center part and divide the hair into two sections.
  • Take one of these two sections and divide it into three sections starting at the forehead.
  • Braid just as you would a French braid, but instead of placing the two outer strands over the middle strand, they go under it. With each weave, gather a little more hair into the working strand.
  • Begin braiding close to the hairline, and work over the top of the head and down to the neck.
  • Braid the lengths of your hair and secure at the ends with a thin hair tie.
  • Repeat on the other half of your hair!

Dirndl hairstyle: side braid

Brunette woman with side braid wearing green dirndl

Super feminine: a side-swept braid.

Love dreamy, romantic style? Then a side braid is perfect for you! This classic dirndl hairstyle is suitable for mid-length and longer hair. You can braid either just the hair lengths, or begin braiding up at the hairline. 


  • First, gather all your hair to one side and divide it into three equal-sized sections.
  • Take the outermost strand and weave it from below between the other two strands.
  • For a secure braid, continue to take the outermost strand and weave it from below between the others, pulling the braiding tight at each step. Continue until you have reached your desired braid length.
  • Tip: instead of a hair tie, use a pretty satin ribbon to secure your braid.

Dirndl hairstyle: the simple bun

Of all the bun variations, the simple bun best suits the beer tent. 


  • Gather all your hair back into a ponytail and twist it into a knot at the top of your head. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Give it a braided update: first, create a braided ponytail, then, as above, twist it into a knot on top of your head and secure with bobby pins.
  • To ensure long-lasting hold, finish with hairspray – this will provide added support on even the longest days of partying.  

Dirndl hairstyle: braids for short hair

Braids in a short cut? Yes you can! Whether you’ve got a pixie or an undercut, as long as you’ve got some slightly longer hair on top, you can create a rocking braided dirndl style! Your secret weapons: hair wax and bobby pins. 


  • Before you begin, work some styling wax into the hair to separate strands. Then “weave” these strands together as though creating a braid.
  • Secure ends with several bobby pins (in the same color as your hair).
  • Braid loosely, gathering in new strands of hair from the sides as you go.
  • Finish with hair lacquer and rock that folk fest!

Dirndl hairstyle: braided bangs

Two women in dirndls with their dark blond hair down with braided bangs

Embellish loose, undone hair by braiding your bangs

Braided bangs are gorgeous! If your hair is long enough, you can also weave in flowers to brighten up this playful dirndl look. With shorter bangs, protruding ends provide a natural, messy finish. Tip: finish with hairspray for lasting hold. 

Dirndl hairstyle: flower crown

Woman wearing wavy hair down with a flower crown in a white, off-shoulder blouse

So romantic: a flower crown adorning undone hair

Flowers in your hair will perfectly complete your traditional dirndl style! Whether you wear them tucked into a loose bun, or in wavy, undone hair – a floral wreath can crown every hairstyle! Flower crowns have been seen moving from the forehead to the back of the head, decorating (braided) buns. Wrap that bun in a floral headband or flower-adorned hair tie.

Dirndl hairstyle: loose, wavy hair

If you’re a more natural, unfussy type, give your hair maximum freedom and leave it down! Naturally wavy or curly? Perfect! With a little styling or curl cream, your locks will look even more gorgeous. Women with straight hair can use thick rollers or a large curling iron to create gentle waves. Tip: simply wind still-damp hair onto rollers and leave it to dry. Crown your hairstyle with a colorful floral wreath. 

Dirndl hairstyle for short hair: accessorized pixie

An accessorized pixie cut is a perfect dirndl hairstyle! Use beautiful flower-adorned barrettes or chic hair slides to style your bangs to the side. Use a little hair wax to define the rest of your hair.  Accentuate the remaining hair with a little hair wax. 

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