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Halloween Hairstyles

Not everybody likes to dress up as witch, vampire or bat for Halloween. We have stylish alternatives for you if you like to celebrate the Night of the Dead showing a different side of yourself.  The models and stars in our gallery show you dark and spooky getups for the ghostly festivities on October 31st. Our styling tips help you show your dark side

Creativity is the motto for proper Halloween getups. There are no limits to express your ideas of the dark and otherworldly. Nobody can complain about a lack of inspiration for Halloween looks. There is no reason not to give free reign to even the most extravagant or even ghoulish ideas. Proper Halloween looks are dark, ghoulish, and quite a bit scary as well. Nothing but the outright scary will do. There is room for playful femininity where the dark spirits live. Our line-up of stars and models leave no doubt about this part of the Halloween fun.

Halloween Hairstyles: Tips & Tricks


Prinzessin der Nacht mit Netz und Federn in Schwarz: Schauspielerin Ni Ni macht's vor

Halloween is the time when you can fall back on almost forgotten or unusual styling tools and tricks. 

1. Nets: Nets are rarely used in today’s fashion. This however makes nets all the more suitable for the ghost hours of Halloween. The eye-catching nets cover the hair or the face or both (see the photo on the left and in our gallery).

2. Volume: Extreme hair volume looks extravagant and is therefore exactly the right style for Halloween. Whether you wear curls, an over-sized quiff or updo or hair, which is teased to the hilt, fright-night is the time for extremes.

3. Make-up: Make-up can dramatically transform your looks using just a few artistically placed accents. Eyes framed in a wide circle with very dark eye make-up set the right tone. Tip: Extend the eyelid liner well beyond the lid and upward to create cat eyes. You may like to deepen the look by applying black, dark brown, grey or red lid shadow up to the eyebrows. Ghostly white complexions work well on Halloween. Plenty of light make-up or white stage make-up can help to create this effect. Dark red lips complete the ghostly image while sweet shades of rosé or pink soften the look.

Semi-updos with dramatically piled up big hair help to complete haunting Halloween apparitions. In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach explains how to create such a haunting Halloween hairstyle in just a few steps.

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