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Halloween Hairstyles to Match Your Costume

Halloween is upon us again! The night before All-Saints Day is the time for parties, ghost stories, disguise, and pranks. It is also the time to go all out on the hairstyle to match your Halloween costume. We hope our gallery photos get you started on your most imaginative Halloween hairstyle ever

Halloween festivities combine Christian with mostly Celtic traditions adding ancient harvest rituals for good measure. The rich history of Halloween resonated in many countries. Halloween traditions merged with All Souls celebrations and are now part of the culture in many countries around the world. October 31st is also a night for parties complete with costumes, disguises and pranks. Today, people like to dress up as royalty, politicians, mermaids, clowns, witches, sorcerers or vampires. There are no limits to the imagination. Of course, no disguise or costume will work without the matching hairstyle. We present a few of our ideas on this topic.

Halloween Hairstyles: The Mermaid

Halloween Hairstyles to Match the Costume
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Kim Kardashian disguised herself as mermaid complete with long wavy mermaid hair

Halloween is a great opportunity to show your most seductive side. The friendly side of a mermaid may be real or dangerously misleading. Mermaids have been known to be lost souls waiting for their lovers or vengeful witches who would conjure up storms out of a blue sky and sink ships without mercy. Who can tell? Appearances can trick us.

Mermaid costumes call for long open hair as shown above by Kim Kardashian. You can easily create the wavy underwater style using a curling iron. Undone beach waves are just the right style for mermaids. Use clip-in hair pieces if your own hair is short. While mermaids are often depicted with blonde hair, the colour is really your choice. Everything goes on Halloween. Arielle’s mermaid hair is fiery red while Kim Kardashian prefers the traditional platinum blonde.

Nicole Richie’s look (see the photo above) is also reminiscent of Neptune’s world. At their most deceptive, mermaids and sea witches wear greyish white updos. The white spray colour is readily available. The dark lipstick and dramatic eye makeup complete the apparition.

Halloween Hairstyles: The Queen of the Night

Halloween Hairstyles to Match the Costume
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Leigh Lezark and Katy Perry have fun dwelling on the dark side on Halloween. Do they have mischief in mind?

Halloween would not be spooky enough without witches. Luckily, modern witches have shed the old imagery and must no longer spend Halloween looking frightfully ugly and wearing tattered black outfits with pointy hats. Today’s witches still look a bit sinister but they are stunningly beautiful.
Leigh Lezark’s deep black hair and expressive makeup certainly qualify her as a new-age witch.
The stiffness and glitter of Katy Perry’s royal look keeps her disguise on the dark side. The wild excess of jewellery and the teased black curls add to the pompous character.

Halloween Hairstyles: Trick or Treat!

Halloween Hairstyles to Match the Costume
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Singer Miley Cyrus has no problems coming up with fun hairstyles on the sassy side. You may want to try her hairstyles on fright night

If you decide on a humorous costume for Halloween you may want to take your hair styling clues from singer Miley Cyrus who knows how to attract attention wherever she goes. Sassy horns or wild spikes and bright red lips are perfect fits for impish costumes on the diabolic side.
Simply gather your hair in two side-by-side strands on the crown of your head and twirl them into two towering chignons. Secure the chignons with hair pins and apply hairspray (left photo). Spiked hair (right photo) should not be too long. Apply hair gel and twirl your hair upward. Ample hairspray will keep the hair standing on end all night.

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