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The 5 Best Festival Hairstyles

Undone hippie hair, funky braids and cool hair accessories: We reveal the five most popular festival hairstyles, styled for dancing, partying and enjoying the spotlight! And the encore: Bonus tips for perfectly on-point festival hair

Hot days, balmy nights, cool beats, hip style: On the festival circuit, your look has got to be cool, long-lasting and hard-wearing! Because even as the music fades and the tents are packed up at the biggest festivals, the party’s still going on somewhere: Gigs, parties, smaller festivals – from spring to fall, outdoor events and celebrations are non-stop. Crucial: Your hair needs to withstand fierce dancing sessions while looking amazing. Sure, the obligatory flowing hippy mane is a great go-to for many a festival fan, but in 2019, there are tons of other trend party-ready looks to try. We introduce our top five festival looks for Coachella, Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Burning Man, SXSW, Woodstock, Roskilde…

Tips for long-lasting festival style

Whether you want to dance the weekend away or just rock out for one night, chances to freshen up your hairdo don’t come around often at a festival. Keep looking cool by following these hairstyling tips:  

  • Pack some dry shampoo. A mini-sized product is perfect for your festival bag. This miracle cure will buy you another day without the hassle of washing your hair at the campsite. Plus, it’ll add instant volume.
  • Sun shining bright? Think UV protection – and not only for your skin, but also your hair. A hat, cap or a cool bandana will protect your hair and scalp from the sun. Bonus: Sun protection can mean adding a hip accessory to your look.
  • Your stylish festival hair will be drawing admiring looks – why not let it smell amazing, too? Spray your finished style with a hair perfume to be extra fresh and exude gorgeous vibes.

Got your ticket, packed your beauty essentials, now choose your look: Here are our five best festival hairstyles.

Festival hairstyle: new bangs

This hairstyle plays with contrasts: Let your long mane undulate over your shoulders, while your bangs are strictly groomed (the look works with both long and short bangs). This style will work at any festival as well as it will at a chic garden party! 

Festival hairstyle: braids, braids, braids

Simple, yet brilliant: With braided pigtails you can kill two birds with one stone, because they A: look great, and B: promise amazing hold. There may be long nights, wild dancing, wind, bad weather, outfit changes… yet your braids remain perfect. Conclusion: Weave your way to festival perfection with this look.  

Festival hairstyle: undone hair

Undone hair is gorgeous, and a safe bet for festival style. Picture: Your hair dancing seductively in the warm summer breeze, just exuding gorgeousness – not to mention a free and easy vibe. Bonus: Your hair will be done in an instant. Just create a center part, comb or brush through and you’re good to go! If you need a little fresh kick mid-festival, just sprinkle the roots with a little styling powder and work through.

Festival hairstyle: half-bun

Blogger bun = festival bun! It’s perfect for long, hot summer days. So what’s this top knot got going for it? Hair that’s out of your face is both practical and stylish. Avoid sweat and styling stress – a casual, messy chignon will make you feel good, look good – and ready to hit the festival!

Festival hairstyle: statement accessories

Hairstyles with boho flair suit every summer scene. This festival season, we’re in love with the bohemian trend for romantic, hippie headbands. Crown your style with a playful accessory and you’ll be the queen of the festival. The look works on both updos and flowing, undone hair. And for cheeky short cuts? It’s perfect!