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Festival Hair: Cool festival styles

Coachella, Glastonbury, Roskilde, Rock am Ring: it’s festival season! And isn’t the preparation just as much fun as the event itself? What shall I wear, what style shall I go for? We’ve done our research and put together the top 3 hippest festival hairstyles for 2017 for you

You’ve bought the tickets, you’re all ready: from April to August, it’s one festival after the next! The only question is what style you’re going for. The Seventies has been the most popular festival look for years – hippy outfits, overalls and things with fringes are all-time favorites. But to keep things fun, the hairstyles at Coachella & Co. keep changing: one year, the top look might be the fishtail braid, the next you absolutely need a side bun. So this year, if you want your festival hairstyle to be up to date, you have the choice between three trend styles: the space bun, a garland of flowers and a tiny braids.

Space buns

Chiara Ferragni with Space Buns

Cheeky and cheerful: Chiara Ferragni’s Space Buns

Have you ever asked yourself, why only have one bun when you can have two? If so, here’s something for you: Space Buns. Sound weird? You’re right, they are a bit! But this half style variant is really popular, where you leave your hair mostly loose and make cute mini buns on each side at the top of your head. For this, your hair must be at least shoulder length.

This is how it’s done: make a center parting and divide the hair on the top of your head to make two high bunches. Next, wind the bunches into two small buns, and then fix them with hair grips. A few puffs of fixing hair spray and you’re ready for the dance floor. Your hair style will stay in place last as long as you do (or longer!).

Flower hair garland

True, the flower hair garland isn’t exactly a new invention and has been around for ever at festivals. But that doesn’t alter the fact that floral hair accessories are still right at the top of the trend barometer. Daisies, brightly colored meadow flowers or romantic roses: anything goes, with hippy hair. The flower hair garland looks especially gorgeous on loose hair with beach waves. To get these waves, first of all use a comb to work some styling mousse into towel-dried hair and then blow dry. Divide the hair into three sections and then make different-sized strands wavy with your curling iron. For a perfect finish, and to get more grip in your hair, use a salt spray. This way, your hairstyle will look more casual, as if you’ve air dried it. Finally, put on your flower garland. No time to make one yourself? You can get one made to your specifications at a flower shop or you can buy a hairband that’s decorated with flowers. (This has the advantage that the flowers won’t wilt, and also that the flowers won’t need to be fixed with hair grips, which takes a bit of time.)

Thin braids

Woman with thin braids

Eye-catching thin braids in loose hair

Ombré hair is perfect for thin braids. This is the in-hairstyle of 2017 and you’ll leave all the other festival-goers literally in the shade! What is Ombré? It’s to do with graded color: the roots look as though hair color has grown out and the hair gets lighter towards the ends. The result is young and modern! And because so many people have got the look, you can make it your own festival style by adding some thin braids. To do this, simply separate a few thin strands, braid then and then tie them with very simple hair ties. The number of braids is up to you – one or five, there are no rules, this is individual freestyle. And the final result is hard to beat!

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