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The Mullet: An Eighties Classic Celebrates its Comeback!

An old friend from the eighties is back and looking hot: The mullet. This in-style cut has (luckily!) evolved over time. The current, low-key version is convincing even the strongest mullet critics

Blond woman with mullet

You don’t have to go to extremes – embrace a softer version of the mullet style.

Here’s the cheat sheet on this hairdressing classic from the eighties: Bangs lead into short hair on the sides, while the hair at the back of the head is at least shoulder length. One famous fan of the look was David Bowie, who often sported a mullet as part of his ever-evolving style. Now, decades later, the mullet is making a stylish comeback, crowning the heads of many trendsetters.

Who can rock a mullet?

Admittedly: For this one, you need to be brave. This is especially true if you want to go for the classic (i.e. extreme!) version – with fringed bangs, shaved on the sides, and at least shoulder length at the back.
Currently hot is a lower-key version of the mullet. How does it compare to the classic? The bangs are still fringed, falling around eyebrow length, and hair at the temples is softly layered, so that the transition to the longer back section isn’t so extreme.
In mid-length hair the style also feels less extreme, since the jump between the different lengths is not as harsh.


Tip: A mullet can be cut in different ways. Choose a version that is tailored to your hair type.

How to style the mullet

Woman with a curly mullet

Super pretty: a soft, curly version of the mullet.

This rediscovered trend style looks most modern in thicker hair. This hair type will lend more volume to the fringy texture of the cut than finer, straighter hair. Tip: Want to make a mullet work with your fine hair? Knead a texturizing balm into dry hair and work through some volume powder for increased volume at the roots. The mullet is also perfect for women with natural curls. Tip: After washing hair, work in a hazelnut-sized portion of mousse and dry using a diffuser attachment. Finally, knead a few drops of hair oil into the tips – done!

one dam image
Edgy and extravagant: A rainbow mullet!