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80s Hairstyles That Are So Cool, They’re Back Again

From the blow wave to the mullet: the eighties are celebrating a huge hair comeback. Check out our gallery to discover how to style the looks of yesteryear for today 

Colorful, loud and cool – the eighties had a lot to offer. Wild hair, asymmetrical haircuts and bold accessories were all part of the standard style repertoire of the era. “Anything goes” was the motto of that loud decade. Of course, with so many crazy looks, one or two of them have been considered styling sins – that is, until today. Why? Because the eighties were synonymous for one thing above all: Girl power! With extraordinary hair and unconventional outfits, eighties women were not only attracting attention, but making a statement. That's why we’re all the more excited about big volume styles, the side flip and yes – the mullet!

80s hairstyle: crimped hair

Crimping has recently been rediscovered by models and influencers. In the eighties, crimped hair created big volume, so how should we crimp now? Use your crimping iron to create stylish, textured accents in individual sections of your hair. Crimped hair has been spotted on the likes of Gigi Hadid and the models walking at the Stella McCartney show. On the catwalk, crimped hair has been turning up in subtle ways – such as being worked into ponytails. Since a crimping iron works at similarly high temperatures to flat irons and curling irons, ensure you apply heat protection before creating your crimps.

80s hairstyle: the mullet

This infamous style was an integral part of eighties punk style. Eighties girl-power icons and popstars Nena and Joan Jett wore mullet styles throughout the decade. Fashion designers like Marc Jacobs have brought the short on top, long in back look back to the catwalk. Meanwhile, the mullet has been spotted in street style images all over Instagram and Pinterest. Even though the asymmetrical hairstyle might look as though you’ve hacked into it yourself, a hairdresser can achieve truly cool results. The gradient between short, feathery bangs, to the longer back (which should be at least shoulder length) needs to be smooth. To style your mullet, rub some wax between your palms and define individual strands. 

80s hairstyle: big volume curls

The style of the loud eighties was just that – loud! No one got far with elegant, refined looks in that decade. A wild, lionesque mane was just one of those big, loud looks. Anyone with natural curls should sport these wild and untamed. Tip: knead some curl mousse into your hair to add bounce. For ultra-voluminous curls, work your hair upside down with a diffuser attachment when blow-drying. Shake out and knead them a little to finish. Those with natural afro curls can use a wide-tooth afro comb, to beautifully define individual strands.

80s hairstyle: side flip

Asymmetrical hairstyles like the side flip are an eighties signature look. Create an extra low side part side and style all the hair to one side. This means double the volume on one side! Tip: curl hair into lush waves for extra glamor. Before styling, work some volume powder into the roots. A flexible volume-boosting hair spray will provide support and fullness. This voluminous asymmetrical look provided a great contrast to staid eighties business style that featured oversized cuts and shoulder pads. 

80s hairstyle: scrunchie styling

This fabric-covered hair tie was definitely the most popular eighties accessory. Back then, it often graced high ponytails, which were sometimes styled in the middle of the head, or sometimes on the side. Today, the scrunchie is more stylish than ever. It has returned as an it-piece spotted on the heads of trendsetters everywhere. This iconic accessory is great for adding a little pep to your style – it’s a must-have for lovers of eighties looks. Wear it today around a bun, or to secure a low ponytail. Scrunchie styles are just as varied as they were back then: from corduroy to velvet, plain or wildly patterned, there’s a scrunchie for every mood.