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Your curls have never been so beautiful

Dull, messy, frizzy? Sometimes it’s hard for a woman with natural curls to love her hair. We say: it’s nothing to do with luck and everything to do with proper care. So here’s what you need to know to make the best of your curls

The Body Positive Movement was just a matter of time: skinny models are pretty but they’re no yardstick for the female figure. Surely every woman has the right to feel beautiful, whatever her proportions. And loving ourselves shouldn’t stop at our hair. Women with curly hair would often give anything to have it smooth and straight – but you should be proud of your natural mane! Follow our tips for proper hair care and styling and you’ll love the results.

Cuts for curls

The cut is key. A good cut means lovely curls; get a bad one and that’s when the nightmare starts. Here’s a simple rule: the shorter, the springier. A shoulder-length cut is best for curly hair that’s not particularly thick; if you have a full head of curls, you can wear it long. But for either length, careful layering is a must: it gives more bounce, and that’s what all ladies with curly hair want.

Perfect care for curly hair

Why is curly hair drier than straight hair? No huge mystery. The waves don’t lie so close to the scalp, so they pick up less natural moisturizing oil. The golden rule for curly hair is: care for it. And then care for it again. What you need are shampoos and conditioners that moisturize right down to the hair’s cuticle. And remember to massage in a good hair repair product at least once a week. Tip: so your curls don’t get weighed down, try changing the order of your washing routine: first conditioner, then shampoo.

How to style natural curls

After washing your hair, gently towel it dry and then carefully untangle it using a wide-toothed comb. This is really important because wet hair is more fragile than dry, and more likely to break. To make combing easier: before you start, spray in a leave-in conditioner. It’s kindest to the hair if you can leave it to dry naturally – and if you smooth in a curl defining cream first, you’ll get your dream curls. One tip: if you need a hairdryer, apply a heat protection product first and use a diffuser.

Getting back the bounce

Are curls always at their best when they’re freshly washed? Not necessarily. Washing curly hair every day isn’t recommended – it just makes it drier. So if your curls have lost their happy spring on day two, refresh them. There are special curl sprays for this: just use a couple of pumps, then scrunch the curls and they’ll regain their bounce. Tip: say goodbye to dry ends: apply a few drops of hair oil and work it into the tips. 

SOS: Bad hair days

Even the best hair care won’t spare you from the odd bad curl day. But don’t despair, there’s always this option: wear your hair in a bun, either loosely gathered into a low chignon or pulled up smoothly into a high bun and held in place with a scrunchie. Tip: to make this style sit perfectly, first moisten the hairline with a little water and a comb, then pull your hair up into the bun. Spray on a little fixing spray and smooth your hair back from the hairline with the palms of your hands.

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