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Sarah Jessica Parker: The Hairstyle Matching Her Image

On the occasion of actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s 50th birthday, we reminisce on her trend-defining hairstyles. We also show how you can quickly and easily style the curls, which helped to endear Sarah Jessica Parker to audiences watching her in her role as Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City'

For many years, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, now also known for her fashion brand 'SJP', gave life to sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw, one of the best known characters in a TV series. Aside from receiving numerous awards for portraying the leading character Carrie Bradshaw, her appearances in this role also made her a style icon. The 'Carrie curls' became the signature hairstyle for Sarah Jessica Parker and inspired the hairstyle choices of women worldwide.

Over the years, Sarah Jessica Parker interpreted the 'Carrie curls' in several ways, changing the colour of her hair or styling it into a bob. However, save for a few episodes, the curls became a constant part of her image. We hope you will enjoy the photos of Sarah Jessica Parker’s hairstyles in our photo gallery.

Gallery: The Hairstyles of Sarah Jessica Parker

How to style curls like Sarah Jessica Parker wears them

Creating curls like Sarah Jessica Parker wears them is no problem. All the tools you need are styling mousse and small foam rollers, curlers or a curling iron with small-diameter rod.

1. Preparation

Work plenty of styling mousse through the freshly shampooed and still wet hair. This will keep the spring in the curls throughout the day.

2. Creating the Curls
Take about 1-inch wide strands of your still damp hair and roll these strands onto foam rollers, regular rollers or around the small-diameter rod of a curling iron.

3. Be Patient
If you use rollers and have rolled up all your hair it may take a while for the hair to dry. Using a blow-dryer will speed up the process.
Tip: Set the blow-dryer to its highest temperature and its lowest speed. These conditions resemble the action of a drying hood.

If you use a curling iron roll up your hair strand by strand from ear level to the hair ends.

4. Do not Use a Hair Brush!
Use your fingers to gently push the created curls into the desired shape. Brushing would fluff up your hair and take the spring out of the curls.

5. Provide Hold
Apply hairspray to the ends of your hair while hanging your head upside down. This will keep your curls from falling flat before the next shampoo.

6. Finish
Apply extra-gloss hairspray for a perfect finish.

In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to create curls without curlers or curling iron if these tools are not at hand.

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