Hair Styling | Curls

Curly Tops Fresh from the World’s Catwalks

Do you feel like wearing wavy hair and all kinds of curls? We are going to show you six catwalk hair styles, which you may want to try. Our tricks will help you to create wild and poufy curls or soft and romantic looks

Quite a few hair stylists are busy backstage at fashion shows in Milano, Paris and New York. They fix the hair of models according to the new fashion, and they also make sure that the hair styles complement the outfits. With patience and practice you can achieve the same looks at home. Make sure that you have the proper tools at hand. That includes brushes with natural (boar) bristles and light handle and a hair dryer with diffuser attachment. Before you start, take another look into your bathroom cabinet. Do you have hair spray for your curls? Is the mousse at hand? Have everything ready before you start your styling session. Then let the fun begin!

Don’t wash your hair immediately before the styling session. Your hair will be more manageable a few hours after shampooing it. Simply add water to your hair until it is damp before styling it. Remember, your hair should be completely dry and cooled down before you remove rollers, papillotes or brushes. Otherwise, your curls will quickly go limb.

Curly Hair Styles on the Catwalk