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What Glamour Hairdo Suits Me?

Festive days are just around the corner and you are seeking inspiration for a nice hairstyle? If so, be sure to keep reading! We will show you classy festive day hairstyles for Christmas and New Year's Eve – new looks for any length. Also: a quick care countdown for extra-glossy holiday hair

A bit more for our hair is welcome at the end of the year: more volume, more extravagance, more glamour, more wow! We have a wide variety of hairdos to choose from in order to accomplish this: heavenly updos, wonderful waves, sleek looks, braids and so much more. But how to make the right decision for the perfect look, given the plethora of possibilities? After all, the festive hairstyle should also fit the hair length and texture. To make sure you do not have to agonise over your holiday styling (other things are more important now), we are giving you the gift of the most popular, classy hairdos for short, mid-length and long hair in an overview.

Glamorous Festive Hairstyles

Care Countdown for Extra Gloss

3, 2, 1... You can hardly await the holidays? To shorten the wait, make your hair extra glossy for the grand finale at the end of the year. Start on the first of December:

3 weeks to go: Take a final trip to your hairdresser before the end of the year and get pampered with a glossing treatment. This beauty treatment lends a brilliant gloss by reviving colourations or lending a beautiful gleam to your natural colour. The great thing about that: glossing lasts up to six weeks, making your hair sparkle for the New Year. By the way: You should also have the ends trimmed while you are at the hairdresser (link to Salon Finder). That prevents split ends and broken hairs, guaranteeing a healthy look.

2 days to go: Shortly before Christmas or New Year’s Eve, pamper your hair with a total care package! Now there is still time to let a rich hair mask work overnight. This intensive care treatment repairs damage to the hair structure and effectively supplies your hair with moisture as well as important vitamins and proteins. Work the mask into your hair and wrap everything in a towel. Rinse the mask out again the next morning. The result: silky, healthy and glossy hair.

1 hour to go: final spurt! You have your styling and all you need is a glossy finish. Hair oil is the best choice to give your hair that special glow. It makes hair super supple and resplendently glossy just in time for the party. Happy New Hair!

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