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Party Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve

It is time to think about the New Year’s Eve festivities. Do you plan on driving out the spirits of the old year with a lot of noise or is a glamorous gala party more to your taste? Let’s not forget the option of a romantic twosome for a special night to remember. The hairstyle should fit the way you want to celebrate. We have styling suggestions no matter how you want to greet the coming year. There are glamorous finger waves for a retro style, updos for elegant or playful styles, colour or styling plays for extravagance and individuality, and of course, not to forget soft touchable hairstyles for a romantic evening

Ringing in the New Year is about reminiscing about the old and greeting the new. This year, you may like to reinvent yourself, your looks or your lifestyle. Of course, there is no reason not to have fun while greeting the New Year. You may like to celebrate with an elegant dinner party, a glamorous New Year’s Eve gala, a night at your favourite club, a dance party or plan a special twosome. The right outfit and hairstyle will get you in the right mood for the celebration.

We hope you will enjoy our photo gallery of hairstyles for New Year’s Eve.

Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve: The Elegant Ponytail Version

Ponytails are well-loved because they look great, and they are so versatile. It takes just a few styling tricks to turn an ordinary ponytail into a festive party hairstyle. Kate Mara’s ponytail style (see the photo above) is suitable for quiet as well as for wild New Year’s Eve parties. Glamorous ponytail elements are low side partings, accessories, and gel-treated hair strands styled in geometric patterns.

Styling Instructions for Kate Mara’s Sleek Ponytail:

1. Spray heat protectant into your hair before you straighten it using a flat iron.

2. Use a styling comb to create a low, slightly slanted side parting. The parting should be straight

3. Distribute an about pea-sized dollop of hair gel in the palm of your hands. Then use your hands to work the gel through your entire hair.

4. Separate and secure an about 2 inches wide strand of hair above your forehead. Then gather the rest of the hair into a low ponytail but do not yet secure it with a scrunchy. Add more gel if needed.

5. Now comb the strand of hair over your forehead across the crown of the head and toward the ponytail starting at the side parting. You may like to apply more hair gel before gathering the ponytail again and securing it using a scrunchy.

6. Apply hairspray for extra gloss and hold.