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Inspiring Spring Hair Styles at the Oscar Awards

The Oscar awards come at a perfect time right between the year-end holidays and early spring. Soon spring will be here with its bright colours and happy seasonal changes. In eager anticipation we can’t wait for spring to arrive and are inspired to be a step ahead of the seasonal change with new hairdos and fashions. Watching the stars at the Oscar awards is one terrific way to find a new hair style for spring. We show you the hair styles, which intrigued us at the Oscar awards and hope you find inspiration for your new spring look

Every February, the entertainment and fashion world looks to the Oscar Awards in California. This is the time when the outfits and hair styles of stars and celebrities are newsworthy. This year, feminine hair styles with alluring lustre matched the breathtakingly beautiful gowns.

Hair Styles at the Oscar Awards Inspire Early Anticipation of Spring

Rose Byrnes' bob appeared very exhilarating to us. The Australian actress added a straight side parting to the classic hair style, and the long dense fringes fall from the crown of her head straight over the eyebrows.

After shampooing work volumising mousse through your hair. Now blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a round brush. Use a comb to create a straight side parting near the crown of your head. From the centre of your head comb you fringes straight down into your face. Use a flat iron to turn your hair under and apply some hair spray for a finishing touch.

Hair Styles at the Oscar Awards: Rooney Mara

Hair Styles at the Oscar Awards
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With her role in David Fincher’s remake of the thriller 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' actress Rooney Mara found herself catapulted to the top of the movie scene. Today, she is a well-known star. Her distinguishing feature is her black hair with the straight accurate fringes. This was also her hair style at this year’s Oscar Awards in Los Angeles. Her hair was gathered to an austere ponytail in the back of her head and folded to a loop.

This look is defined by the accurately cut fringes, which fall into the face from the crown of the head. The fringes end about one inch above the eyebrows in a sharp straight line. The hair should be straight for this style. If necessary you may use a straightening blow-dry kit. Simply apply hair straightening serum to the towel-dry hair before pulling a comb through the hair several times to straighten it. Allow the serum to work for 20 minutes before rinsing it out with lukewarm water. Apply a sealer and leave it in your hair for 10 minutes to keep the hair straight. Comb your hair straight once or twice while the sealer is in your hair. This straightening blow-dry treatment keeps your hair smooth and straight for up to ten shampoos. For quick straightening blow-dry the freshly shampooed hair while pulling it over a paddle brush. Then use a flat iron to straighten the fringes and the long ends of your hair. Gather your hair in the back of your head to a ponytail, which is then folded into a loop. Secure the loop using a scrunchy. Apply extra gloss hair spray for a glamorous look.

Hair Styles at the Oscar Awards: January Jones

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January Jones opted for finger waves in the 1920s style at the Oscar awards.
We are looking forward to seeing this style often this spring.

Styling: January Jones wears finger waves (water waves) in the 1920s style. Work volumising mousse through your hair before blow-drying it. Stop blow-drying while your hair is still damp. Then push wave clips into your still warm hair and blow-dry it completely. Allow your hair to cool before removing the wave clips. Finally, apply hair spray for more hold.

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