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A New Hairstyle – Keeping the Mystique Alive

Are you planning a special date with the man you love? You may want to doll up for him starting with your hair. We hope one of our styling suggestions will be a great hit and his eyes will light up in delight

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Actress Olga Kurylenko shows style with these alluring finger waves

Are you intrigued by retro-style finger waves? You may make a big impression with this hairstyle inspired by the 1920s. We show you how to create retro-style finger waves in our step-by-step instructions.

Would you rather surprise your man with sophisticated braids and an extravagant updo? A new hair colour or a short haircut may make an even bigger splash. Try one of the hairstyles in our gallery to captivate your man!

Gallery: Inspiring New Hairstyles