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The hairstyles of supermodel Linda Evangelista

One of the original top models, she is famous for her changeable look – Linda Evangelista, also known as “the chameleon”, has no fear of hair experiments remains flexible with her hairstyle and colour to this day. We take a look back at the story of her hair

50 – 37 – 100. While we are not talking about model sizes, there numbers are just as impressive: At 50 years of age, Linda Evangelista can look back on a 37-year runway career with at least 100 different hairstyles. Fascinating in every way! The runway legend looks fabulous even today and remains true to her supermodel status. After all, Linda Evangelista was one of the 'Fab Five' belonging to the legendary 'Supermodels' club. This term was initially defined by these five fashion icons – Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz and of course Linda Evangelista – in the nineties, becoming an incarnation of the Zeitgeist.

The supermodel era

Triggered by photographer Peter Lindbergh, who portrayed the beautiful group for a Vogue cover shooting, film stars and pop stars were suddenly passé. Now the fashion clique was seen everywhere – later completed by Claudia Schiffer, Nadja Auermann and Kate Moss – and the era of top models was born.
Linda Evangelista also made a name for herself as 'the chameleon' because she was so delightfully changeable. Mainly on her head – with always changing looks, countless hair colours and cuts. Platinum blonde bob, carrot-coloured short cut, jet black pixie, wavy mane, fringe, straight, frizzy, curly ... The runway beauty tried everything, showed no fear of experimentation and therefore always looked fabulous with any hairstyle and colour. It was said she used up to 17 different colourations in four years. Today Linda Evangelista is no less changeable. She still likes dying her hair and does so often. Not always quite as radical, but still sophisticated – also in terms of the hairstyles. A chameleon – sorry, a model – does not change its trademark after all.