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Beautiful Hairstyles of Stars at the 2014 Oscar Awards

Oscar Night is the event of the year for many established and rising stars in the movie industry. On and off the red carpet, glamorous outfits and festive hairdos contribute to the ambience and excitement. The gala night at this year’s Oscar Awards was certainly a feast for the eyes. We invite you to have a close look at some of the many beautiful hairstyles of the stars

The film industry’s gala night took place on 2nd March 2014 in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The red carpet was rolled out for the stars to receive the Academy Award of Merit as the ‘Oscar’ is officially called. Whether the little gold statuette was dubbed 'Oscar' by the Motion Picture Academy’s director because it looked like his Uncle Oscar or whether its name is a reference to a not quite so dignified vaudeville character is still a matter of debate.

Traditionally, the Oscar Awards are as much a celebration of achievements in the movie industry as they are a stage for everyone who is anyone in the movie business. Show business is a natural part of the event. This year, a selfie showing a group of celebrities crashed the Twitter servers, Jennifer Lawrence fell over her gown again, moderator Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for all, and alas, Leonardo DiCaprio did not get an Oscar – again!

Two Oscars Are Better than One

Hairstyles at the 2014 Oscar Awards
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Both Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto won Oscars for their roles in 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Leonardo DiCaprio, long-time darling of audiences, was nominated for an Oscar for the third time. However, the award committee did not yet award him the coveted statuette. This year, they favoured actor Matthew McConaughey over DiCaprio for playing the lead role in the 'Dallas Buyers Club', a drama about access to aids drugs. In his acceptance speech, he paid tribute to his fellow competitors: 'I did not hear a wrong note anywhere.'

Jared Leto was honoured with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the movie 'Dallas Buyers Club'. He played a transsexual in the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey could have also run neck and neck for 'Best Dressed Man'. They both dressed up in a white tux but contrasted it with casually styled hair.

2014 Oscar Hairstyles: Glamorous Retro Waves

Hairstyles at the 2014 Oscar Awards
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Sandra Bullock with glamorous side-swept curls

Glamorous retro waves found favour with many female stars. It was clearly the winning hairstyle at the 2014 Oscar Awards. This year’s Oscar winner Cate Blanchett styled her retro waves with side parting while Sandra Bullock swept her retro waves and curls over her right shoulder. While Sandra Bullock herself did not win an Oscar this year, she did star in the movie 'Gravity'. With seven Oscars, this movie was unbeatable.

We hope you will enjoy our pictures of winning Oscar hairstyles in our gallery.

Gallery: Beautiful Hairstyles at the 2014 Oscar Awards

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