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Berlinale 2012: Hair Styles of Stars

In proud tradition, this year's 62nd Berlinale again attracted A-listed Hollywood stars into the German metropolis. Once there, they invited to their premieres (e.g. Angelina Jolie as director), they attended premieres (e.g. Karoline Herfurth) and judged premieres (e.g. Jake Gyllenhaal as jury member). A roller coaster of events took place with ten days of stars walking on red carpets, parties, eager photographers and of course, movies and more movies. At the end of the great film festival we like to present to you the best-of-the-Berlinade hair styles along with styling instructions. See whether you can be inspired to outdo the stars!

“Who is going to attend? Who was there?” are among the key questions at great events like film festivals. Of course, this is only true until the prizes are awarded. We were excited that international movie greats like Charlotte Rampling (with her new movie 'The End'), Juliette Binoche (with 'A Better Life') and Meryl Streep (she received an honorary Bear for life-time achievements) joined the film festival in Berlin together with German movie greats like Corinna Harfouch, Martina Gedeck and Nina Hoss. For us the search for the most beautiful hair style was almost more fascinating than the movie scene. This cannot be too surprising. Most stars visit star hair stylist before attending highly publicized events like movie premieres and festivals. Stars always like to look their best but they put in extra effort for great events. Much to our delight, we saw many beautiful hair styles.

Hair Styles of Stars: Julia Dietze, Angelina Jolie, Léa Seydoux and other Great Stars

At a photo shoot, Julia Dietze (she played the leading role in the new far-out version of the movie satire 'Iron Sky') demonstrated her happy 'Li'l Ms Sunshine' side. Her hair in the trendy colour beige blonde was loosely gathered to a romantic updo. Spirited curls danced around her face.

Her German peer Karoline Herfurth also decided to wear an updo. Her hair was held by a stylish Alice band with a golden leaf. This hair jewellery gave her look a classy and festive note.

Angelina Jolie made her mark at the 62nd Berlinade film festival both with her movie and her appearance. She introduced her first work as a movie director with the title 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'. It is a movie about love in war-torn Bosnia. Angelina Jolie also wrote the movie script. At the Berlinale, we often saw her wearing her hair in a way that has become typical of her style. Her long hair fell smooth and straight down to chin-length and from there cascaded in soft waves.

We were also quite taken with Léa Seydoux's partial updo. She pinned her hair up on one side only, while the rest of her gorgeous blonde hair flowed in sensual waves mostly over the opposite shoulder. You may know Léa Seydoux from her roles in 'Farewell My Queen' and 'L'Enfant d'en haut' (the child from above). Soon we are going to see her star side by side with Vincent Cassel in the remake of the movie classic ‘The Beauty and the Beast’. Shooting is planned to begin in the fall of 2012.

For a photo shoot for her movie 'Shadow Dancer', British actress Andrea Riseborough pinned up only the top part of her long hair, while long romantic waves caressed her shoulders. She probably received plenty of compliments for this playful hair style from her co-star Clive Owen. They both play side by side in a movie about the conflict in Northern Ireland. Clive Owen accompanied Andrea Riseborough to the Berlinade.

Please enjoy the beautiful images in our gallery showing you the most appealing hair styles of the stars attending this year’s Berlinade. You may also find some styling tips for your own Berlinade hair style.

Hair Styles of Stars with Styling Instructions


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