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Festive Hair Styles Add Glamour to Special Celebrations

Festive hair styles are no longer stiff and boringly brave. Our gallery below is going to show you today’s cool yet glamorous looks, which add easy-going style and sparkle to every festive occasion. Of course, we also show you how to turn all those ideas into hair style success

It's time to plan for this year’s holiday celebrations. Festive hair styles and especially plain and understated hair jewellery are a hit this season. Current fashion shows provide us with many ideas for this kind of style.

Festive is the Keyword for Hair Fashion this Season

Start with a classic updo like a chignon, ponytail or banana but give these styles a modern twist by enhancing the volume and structure or by using wet gel.  

The jewellery should be plain and understated to fit the elegant simplicity of the hair styles. This holiday season, the ornate barrettes, hair grips or Alice bands show simple lines and they come in silver, gold, brown or black. Save your more elaborate glittering hair jewellery for another occasion and allow your more elegant looking pieces to lend your style character. Materials like leather, pearls, nets or metal are good choices.

Be Creative in Your Choice of Special Hair Jewellery

In our gallery below, you find plenty of ideas for your own beautiful festive hair style. However, some of the looks require a lot of tasteful creativity especially since some of the shown hair jewellery was created extra for the models and the fashion shows. You will therefore have a hard time finding this exact type of hair jewellery in stores. Of course, this is no reason to give up on the style. Take heart, we are going to help you create similar adornments without breaking the bank or your time schedule.

Gallery: Models Show Festive Hair Styles

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