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Alluring Dating Hairstyles

Valentine's Day is as good a reason as any to dress up and look seductive for a date. Who wants to look sensible, professional, or – far be it from red-blooded women - rigid on a date with the man of her dreams? Sparks should fly when you meet him this Valentine's Day! In our gallery, we show some hairstyles, which will magically work on his senses and make him desire you with abandon. Our styling tips are meant to help you get all the details right

Designer Domenico Dolce certainly was right on the mark with this assertion in an interview with the guys' magazine GQ: "Ask any man how he wants his woman to look on a date, and he will say: high heels, a sexy dress, and big hair … that's it, except of course lipstick". Women cannot go wrong if they take these clues to heart and wear high heels, a revealing dress, richly flowing bouncy hair, and eye-catching make-up.

Big Hair for the Date of Your Life

Attractive dating hairstyles can be classic styles like ponytails in combination with suitable make-up and accessories. Every once in a while however, you may like to stop and think how to look feminine and alluring for your man or the man of your dreams. Big hair can be a very appealing choice. Bouncy hair like Lana Del Rey shows it in the photo, a large chignon or a voluminous mock bob will appeal to his senses.

Dating Hairstyles: Open Hair, Semi-Updo or Updo?

A man loves to see his woman with full red lips and long wavy hair. Open hair is therefore the hairstyle of his choice for a date. However, you may want to direct his attention to your face (especially toward your eyes and lips). In this case, you may decide to style your hair away from your face. Individual strands of hair may be released to frame your face. Alternatively, you may sleek your hair back. Adding a large wave (see the hairstyle of the Jason Wu model) softens the style and gives it a more feminine and alluring note. Semi-updos can be styled to express the best of open hairstyles and updos. Simply pull up and secure a portion of your hair and allow the rest of your hair to flow freely. There are no limits to your choices. Remember, a new and different hairstyle may create its own excitement.

In our gallery, we show our favourite dating hairstyles. In his hair styling video, Armin Morbach reveals how to use curling mousse to create softly flowing waves without a curling iron.

Video: How to Style Naturally Looking Curls

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