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Cheers! The Hottest Oktoberfest Looks for Short and Mid-Length Hair

September 22 marks the beginning of this year’s Munich Oktoberfest. Many festival-goers are already planning their look. Want to know what’s just as important as the right dirndl (or lederhosen)? The right hairdo. We’ve put together the hottest styles for short and mid-length hair just for you

Whether you prefer to chill on a beer bench, dare to ride the wildest rides or simply stroll the festival grounds: The right festival style is crucial to any Oktoberfest visit. The possibilities are endless with such an epic selection of traditional outfits to choose from – and the same goes for festival-ready hairstyles. From the traditional crown braid to flowing waves topped with a floral wreath: Choose your favorite based on your hair type.

Fact: No hairstyle is better suited to the Oktoberfest than braids. They look gorgeous, hold well and keep your hair back. That's important, after all – because you never know what kind of adventures you’re going to have! Whether you opt for a braided look or another completely different hairdo is ultimately entirely up to you and your own personal style. Let us get you in the Oktoberfest mood with the hottest Oktoberfest hairstyles!