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#glamorous: Make a Grand Entrance with These Gorgeous Ball Hairstyles

Going to a ball, prom or a gala? Yay! Now if only you didn’t have to worry about achieving that perfect, glamourous look. Don’t worry, we’re here to help: We reveal the most beautiful special occasion hairstyles – whether short or long, from super glamorous, to undone, to elegant

The moment you open that invitation, it begins: The anticipation of a perfect big night out! Such a special event is an opportunity to look and feel your most beautiful. Alongside the perfect dress and on-point makeup, you’ll need one thing above all else: The right hairstyle. There are tons of fairytale-worthy options for a glamorous evening. We reveal the ones that’ll really make an impact.

Glamorous ball hairstyles: easy and elegant

A dreamy special occasion hairstyle doesn’t have to be complicated. Seriously, there are simple options, too! Playful, girly or cool – the choice is yours! There’s only one must-have: Good, long-lasting hold. This style has to hold its shape far beyond the first dance. Never fear, there are lots of tricks to keep your hairstyle in place and give it the finishing touches it’ll need to look perfect.

The ballerina bun for long hair

As an updo, the bun is wonderfully straightforward and can be styled in a variety of ways. Depending on hair length and personal preference, you can tie it into a knot, twist it, braid it, or tease it. One elegant version: The ballerina bun. This beautiful style adds grace to every outfit and is also practical, keeping hair out of your face and accentuating your neck. Get the look: Gather hair into a ponytail – make it as smooth as you can – then twirl it several times into a bun form. Secure with a hair tie and hairspray.

Braided half-up: The half-out ball hairstyle

Half-up braided hairstyles are probably a less common sight at really fancy events – but this makes them all the more striking! The braided half-up hairdo combines the casualness of hair worn out with the elegance of a braided crown. It’s perfect for a slightly less formal event. To get the braided half-crown look, start at about ear-leve and create two braids, which you then wrap back around your head and weave together. Get detailed instructions on how to do it here.

The pixie cut: ball hairstyle for short hair

Know a classic short haircut that’ll radiate elegance and glamor even on special occasions? The pixie cut, of course!  Although short, this look is feminine thanks to soft layering. Styling it is simple: Let it air dry, or blow dry it. Add a little structure with styling gel or wax. Done! Consider bold makeup to draw attention to your lips or eyes.

Wear your curls loose

Open, glamorous curls not only look great – they’re easy. Those who aren’t blessed with natural curls can create some with a curling iron. To make them last, use a blow-drying lotion and some curl fixing spray on your hair before you get to work. Whether beach waves or corkscrew curls – there are many ways to curl!

Side-swept chignon – style long hair to the side

Another updo to enchant is the side chignon, also called a side-swept chignon. This is one of the best: It’s elegant, classic and yet always modern. To style it, lightly tease your hair and brush it back into a pony. Twist several times until you achieve your knot. Fix with hairpins and hair lacquer.

Smooth side part + sleek ponytail = simple ball style

The ponytail, probably the most popular of all hairstyles, is great not just in everyday life, but also on the dancefloor – if you know how to put it in the spotlight. This version with a smooth side part, keeping it sleek, will look chic and elegant on your big night out.
Flat iron your hair, create a side part, smooth some wet gel over your bangs to keep the front sleek, and secure hair in a tight, low pony.

The braided crown – ball hairstyle for long hair

For a truly regal look, a braided crown will fit right in at even the most elegant event. This look consists of a Dutch braid, which is braided around the circumference of the head. Tip: To make braiding easier, you can use texturizing spray or mousse after washing and before braiding. Dry shampoo can also provide more texture in your hair.

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