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Golden Globes Awards 2014: Beautiful Hairstyles of the Stars

Imagine joining the guests of the Golden Globes Gala in the Beverly Hills Hilton in Los Angeles. As far as the international movie and TV branch is concerned, the gala event sets the standards for award shows. Showmanship was certainly not in short supply at this year’s 71st Golden Globes Awards. Every year, the female stars of the gala event also show what is in and what is out in hair fashion

The Golden Globe Awards showcase the most remarkable and best known stars of the entertainment branch. For the stars, the honour of attending goes along with an opportunity to put their best foot forward in a widely publicised event. In terms of hairstyles, we saw the stars wear amazingly many exact side partings. Fringes were part of many female hairstyles. Often the fringes were long and draped across the forehead (see the hairstyles of Sandra Bullock) while others preferred to allow their fringes to loosely fall into their face (see the hairstyles of Reese Witherspoon and Constance Zimmer). Bobs were also quite popular among the hairstyle choices. The festive styling variations included straight long bobs, wavy faux bobs and round bobs with fringes. Like many of the other female stars and celebrities, Hayden Panettiere decided on an accurately styled high-volume bob. The teased hair above hair forehead was combed back.

In our gallery, we show you the beautiful hairstyles of female stars, which we admired most at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards.

Gallery: Dazzling Hairstyles at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards