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Hair styling instruction: Wiesn hair crown

The traditional look is the Oktoberfest trend – also for hair! Our favourite hairstyle: the braided crown. Traditional with the classic costume, classy with the couture dirndl dress, sweet with lederhosen – the braided crown is the crowning glory of any Wiesn look. We provide step-by-step instructions and present five additional, authentic hairstyling versions

Braiding season is open! Right on time for Oktoberfest in Munich (19 September to 4 October 2015), take your hair in hand and braid for all your are worth. Here the braided hair crown is and remains the unrivalled hairstyle queen. Traditional, stylish, practical: The classic lives up to any folk festival standard. Whether swaying to music sitting in the tent, sauntering across the festival grounds, flirting in the beer garden or during wild carousel rides – the coiled plates stay in place.

What you need for the favourite Wiesn look:

Naturally this impressive braided hairstyle works best with long hair. But no problem – hair extensions help in case of a shorter haircut (you can even get them already braided). They are clipped on, braided in and appear deceptively genuine. For a really fast effect, you can also resort to Alice bands already decorated with a braided crown. Here is what you need to do your own braiding: Setting lotion, two thin hair elastics, hair clips, hair spray, hair pins

Styling instruction for the classic hair crown:

1. For the necessary grip: Distribute a tennis ball sized amount of mousse in towel-dried hair and then blow dry it.

2. Form a side parting and divide the hair into two strands of the same size.

3. Tie the two strands into ponytails to the right and left at the back of the neck.

4. Plait each of the two ponytails into a braid.

5. Lay the braid on the right over the middle of the crown to the left like an Alice band and attach it with hair pins.

6. Lay the braid on the left over the head to the right along the other braid (in front or behind).Secure the whole thing with hair pins.

7. Tuck the ends of the braids under the coiled plaits (use hair clips if needed) and finally apply some hairspray to the hairstyle. Your braided crown is finished!

If you feel like a change during this year’s Oktoberfest season (and beyond) but want to stay true to the traditional Wiesn hair hit, take a look at our gallery.Five additional crown braid versions are waiting for you!

Wiesn hairstyle: Hair crown done differently

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Oktoberfest marks the start of the fifth season in and around Munich. Those who want to visit the most well-known folk festival in the world not only need a fashionable hairstyle but also the right costume to match. This year the trend goes back to tradition: The mid-length dirndl with characteristic details and nostalgic elements is fashionable again. Colours range from classics like black, fir green or cherry red to delicate pastels. Probably the most striking trend change is seen with the dirndl blouse: high-necked replaces open-hearted. What is known as the Snow White collar – an integrated collar on the dirndl reaching high up on the back of the neck – will also become a new Wiesn favourite in 2015.

Now Oktoberfest can finally come – thanks to our styling tips for hair and attire, you are sure to look great!